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Go remote with Avira Online Essentials Dashboard and TeamViewer

TeamViewer, the well known desktop sharing and online collaboration software, has partnered with us, to give you the ability to remotely control your devices through our Avira Online Essentials Dashboard.

This will basically enable everyone to remotely connect to their devices – and devices of family members and friends – and manage them from within the dashboard. The easy-to-use web based dashboard is perfect for managing and installing Avira security apps on all computers or mobile devices that a person owns.

Everyone knows: Keeping tabs on multiple devices can be a really tough task. Combined with TeamViewer’s remote control capabilities, the dashboard gives users the possibility to have an overview over all of their devices and ensure that there are no security breaches. The aim of this integration was to give tech savvy users more control and to empower them to provide support for people who are not digital natives and might have trouble managing the security on their devices. It also gives you the possibility to deploy certain tasks and push settings remotely to other devices.

“In order to keep our users as secure as possible, one of our main goals is to continuously add value to our products without making them too difficult to use. Integrating TeamViewer in Avira’s Online Essentials dashboard has allowed thousands of people to connect to their devices remotely in the easiest possible way. Plus, the integration process went smoothly and in addition to their excellent online API documentation, we had the support of TeamViewer experts all the way,” said Dan Tuhoarca, Online Essentials Product Manager at Avira.

The different ways in which this integration is beneficial are clearly indicated on the Avira Online Essentials Dashboard website. You might want to remotely control your devices for many reasons: to track and locate them in case of theft, to transfer files and data remotely, to remotely monitor and update security status on all devices, to have an overview of all devices and to safeguard user’s identity against email breaches.

Are you ready to take a look and test it yourself? Then head over to our Online Essentials Dashboard and give it a try!

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