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We pack your bag and in it we put... X good reasons to change to the Avira Total Security Suite

5 good reasons to change to the Avira Total Security Suite

The holiday time has just started and that means that it’s time to pack your bags for your trip. Everyone knows how annoying it can be to forget something important, so in order to get organized a list of things to take along is a big help. One of these things should be the Avira Total Security Suite.

We accompany you through the summer and see to the security of your online activities

To secure your every move online, we added all the required programs to our Avira Total Security Suite. With this all-round carefree package, we ensure your security, your privacy, and a great performance of your PC. You don’t believe us? Convince yourself of its effectiveness with our test version and enjoy your online activities as never before.

We pack your bag …

… and ensure a simple and fast installation, thanks to our Avira launcher!

After you downloaded our Suite the installation is easy as pie: Start the Avira launcher and click on “Total Security Suite”. Everything else will be taken care of.

… and ensure your security with Avira Antivirus Pro!

To make sure that you are secure wherever you are during your summer vacation, we added Avira Antivirus Pro to the package. Our software secures your computer and your browser against malware proactively. Savor the feeling of being safe while browsing, online shopping or banking, and using your email program. We secure your identity and – thanks to our real-time cloud updates – protect you from 0-day threats as they emerge in real time.

… and boost your computer at high-speed with the Avira System Speedup!

Finally! A clogged down PC is water under the bridge! With our Avira System Speedup you’ll profit from more space, a better performance, and an improved start-up time of your computer. The Privacy Cleaner and Junk File Cleaner tidy up your PC. Additionally System Speedup optimizes the Windows power schemes which in turn prolongs your Laptop’s battery life.

… and by using Phantom VPN Pro we get you invisible!

By now it’s no secret anymore: Public Wi-Fi hotspots on airports and train stations hold many dangers. By using our Phantom VPN Pro, we secure the connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots and ensure your anonymous browsing. Your data connections will be encrypted and you’ll even have access to geo-restricted content!

… and offer a special price! With the Total Security Suite you will save money – namely up to 25%!

More money for your holidays? With this package it’s definitely possible! We’d also be happy to see you purchasing each of the programs separately but hey, we know how expensive a holiday can be. So contrary to buying each of the programs separately you will save up to 25% if you buy Avira Total Security Suite directly.


The bag is packed and now it’s time to leave! We hope you’ll have a great holiday – just make sure that you don’t forget your digital protection at home.

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