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Avira HR Team @Top Employers Job Fair

Software engineering: from everyday challenges to real world solutions

The second day of event, our colleague Radu Calin (Web Backend Software Engineer) gave a presentation about Distributed computing during the workshop we organized. We were happy to learn that this session raised unexpected interest among the candidates attending the fair: more than 120 people had registered for what we designed as a workshop with 40 participants.

Radu talked about how we managed to build a product that makes life easier for millions of users worldwide, all the while solving some of the most difficult problems of the cloud era. He went more in-depth, showing the attendees how the Avira team managed to create a scalable distributed system with pure fun and passionate engineering. Towards the end, he did not forget to give some details about what makes “life at Avira” so special and the audience was really impressed.

All in all, the event was a great success for our HR team:  2 days, over 500 applicants, almost 1400 flyers taken home by the candidates, 1 workshop with 58 participants, and over 5000 participants to attend the fair in search of their next Top Employers.

If you missed the event but you also want to” join the battle”, you can also check the current job opportunities and apply directly on our career page. A virtual job fair is also organized to follow up with Top Employers attendees, check it out here.

PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.