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Avira, time2win and eSports … it’s time to win!

For those of you who don’t know what eSports is, let me explain. eSports is short for ‘electronic sports’ and is a term for competitive video gaming. It’s exactly what you probably think it is by now: Two gamers sitting in front of their PCs, playing games against each other. So far, so good. But eSports is more: It’s professional gamers sitting in front of their PCs, playing live before an audience of several thousand spectators, competing for a huge prize pool. eSport players are becoming almost as famous as the ‘real’ sport stars with fans screaming their names and them giving autographs. The latest huge tournament, the League of Legends World Championship finale in Berlin, Germany, sold out their 17,000 tickets in just 90 seconds. You find this unbelievable? Then take a look at this video.

As of now, this fame and fortune is only reserved for the best – and that’s where our new partner, time2win comes in. “We strive to elevate eSports onto a new level”, says Björn Rüssel, COO of time2win in the press release. “Competitive eSports including prize money should be accessible to everybody. Everybody deserves a realistic chance to win prizes!”

Besides time2win-tournaments, with prizemoney set by time2win and its partners, other modes like challenges and buy-in-tournaments will be usable on the platform as well. “We know, that players don’t just want to participate in our own tournaments, but also try and test the other features we offer. The starting capital for our money features can be won in our time2win tournaments”, comments COO Björn Rüssel.

By the way, the best time to join the fun is now, with the stress test starting on November 9th. In this open test phase of the platform, 41,000 euros will be distributed as prize money and gaming equipment worth over 10,000 euros will be raffled off.

With all the fun you’re having, you shouldn’t forget the most important thing: Make sure that your PC stays secure – and that’s what we from Avira are here for.

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