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Avira Scout: On Early Access – Updated Jan. 2017

Update January 2017

We learned a lot. More languages were added. Bugs fixed. The product now is at a stage where it can leave the Early Access phase … and where we remove the “Early access” sign from the download button.

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Did you know:  Our Avira Scout browser is finally freely available for everyone as an early access version. There are a few things you might want to know though, before downloading it.

Why Early Access?

The short version: Chicken or egg?

To test our user interface, we have to invite as many different people as possible. To achieve this diversity, we wanted to present the user interface not only to our beta testers – who tend to be very technical skilled – but to the broader public.

In addition to that we’re also partnering with several open source projects. We announced that we will use their technology in our browser but having the prototype available for them only when the partners have to sign some legal letter is not satisfying.

That’s the reason why we decided to release the browser as soon as it has serious benefits for the users – which is NOW:

It is important to mention that the Beta test will continue and will soon receive the next iteration of our Scout browser.

What to expect

If you are the run of the mill user who runs an out-of-the-box browser without any security modifications in form of add-ons, this browser will be quite a bit more secure than that. If you know what you are doing though and have a browser with AdBlock, anti-tracking, our ABS, a good search engine, and NoScript your browser should actually be more secure than our current setup. This will change of course.

How often can you expect updates

Avira Scout will be updated when Chrome updates or when we are releasing bugfixes. Our early access phase will be running for a couple of months while the browser will receive new features and improvements.

The extensions and the menu will be updated more frequently.

Known issues

Your feedback helps us build the fast, secure browser you’ve always wanted. That’s why we release early. Naturally there are still kinks and we hope you’ll help us smooth them out.

Known issues we’re working on:

  • Not all video and audio pages will work just yet: only open video codecs are currently offered. Learn more!
  • HTTPS-Everywhere and Privacy Badger may not support certain pages. Please give us your feedback to help us fix this.
  • Languages offered: German and English. The installer is in English only. We’re working of course to expand the list of available languages.
  • Not all features (e.g. desktop links) work on Windows 8 just yet.
  • Coming up: integrated antivirus scanner – working on it!

If you know how to install and uninstall a program, this browser is for you.

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