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Avira Runners: Live Free. Run Safe

That’s one of the many reasons we have quite a few health initiatives here at Avira. You’ve already heard about our Avira Fitness Studio, and the great options it opens up. It definitely inspired some of us to start and work out more, even in other locations than Tettnang.

Avira Runners LogoThe fitness center is not the only sport initiative going on at Avira. In Tettnang, Germany, and Bucharest, Romania, a group of people started to take up running. They call themselves the Avira Runners and their mission statement is to have fun together, train together, share knowledge about the running sport, help each other to get faster and prevent injuries and – last but not least – to also participate together in races and competitions. And that’s where it gets interesting!

On September 19th the Avira Runners team from Tettnang participated in their first public race, the Bodensee Marathon in Kressbronn (page in German only). The team did a great job on achieving their goals and had a lot of fun running together. But not only that, they also managed really great times, with the best Avira Runner finishing the half-marathon in 1:32h.

Just a few weeks later the Bucharest team participated in the Bucharest Marathon, with ‘just’ around 11.000 participants in their category. Out of 663 teams they managed to finish 86th in just 3h 52min and 34sec. What an achievement!

Avira Runners Bucharest Avira Runners Bucharest

Congratulations to the Avira Runners – you are an inspiration to us all.

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