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Prime pocket selection - Time to get a prime pocket!

Prime pocket selection – Time to get a prime pocket!

With pockets in everything, it’s tough just to keep track of which devices are in what pocket. And it is even worse to remember which essential apps are on what device.

Pockets are a benefit…

…and the bane – of modern existence. They offer nearly unlimited potential to carry everything from wallets, loose change, ID cards, pocket knives, receipts, rocks, and electronic devices. Sounds great, but then come those pocket moments that strike fear in our hearts:

  1. Forgetting precisely which pocket that ticket is in – just as the conductor comes down the aisle.
  2. Mixing contrary objects in a single pocket – such as screwdrivers and smartphones.
  3. Wearing pants without that zippered pocket which is perfect for holding that smartphone.

In each case, we end up nervously tapping our pockets to reassure ourselves that both objects and pockets are safely in the right place.

Online pocket anxiety

Regardless of which device we are using, online pocket anxiety strikes over three major issues – security, privacy, and performance:

  • Security – Do I have security coverage for the latest online threats and physical mishaps.
  • Privacy – Am I covering my tracks against trackers and opening geographic doors?
  • Performance – Am I there yet? What is slowing me down?

Anxiety by the device

Having a growing portfolio of devices also increases our personal stress loads. In addition to each device needing coverage for a range of security, privacy, and performance issues; not all apps can be installed across our entire device portfolio. This increases the annoyance factor, as we have to learn how to work with different apps – all to get the same functionality.

Prime-time pocket synchronicity

Pocket anxiety is really why we have Avira Prime – an all-in-one pocket service for all of your devices – and those of your family. Prime covers the main three major security needs of protection, privacy, and performance for the interconnected, always-on life:

  • Security – The award-winning AV Avira Pro for AI-powered, cloud-delivered security. Software Updater Pro for keeping devices up to date against the latest zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Privacy – Phantom VPN for encrypting your online communication and removing geo-restrictions on content and Password Manager for logging you in with unique, unhackable passwords – that you don’t have to remember.
  • Performance – Getting there faster than ever with System Speedup Pro for Windows devices and Avira Optimizer for Android.

Pocket management

Getting all devices into the Prime pocket is simple. After subscribing at, you get an email with download links that can be forwarded to the other devices in your portfolio – regardless of whether they run on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. After signing up, you can oversee devices via the Online Essentials dashboard, directly downloading apps to the device in your hand from this location or by doing this remotely via the device management option.

Avira Prime also comes in two deep pocket sizes – five devices and household. With the household pocket, your family can have up to 25 devices, freeing everyone from the need to ration out security coverage between devices.

Avira Prime gives members unlimited access to all premium products. Registration takes only an email, with subscription available as either a simple annual payment or a monthly flat rate. Both options give you more features at a lower cost than if purchased piecemeal. Time to get a prime pocket!

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