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Avira goes Prime time with its new all-in-one premium subscription service - Avira Prime

Avira goes Prime time with its new all-in-one premium subscription service

We have launched Avira Prime, the industry’s first all-in-one subscription service that provides you with convenient, no-obligation coverage for all of your online security, privacy, and performance needs.

The Prime range of solutions cover the major operating systems for today’s growing portfolios of online devices, whether they run on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. With a simple subscription, Prime members get convenient, one-click access to all of our premium security and privacy solutions such as the award-winning Avira Antivirus Pro, Phantom VPN for online privacy, System Speedup Pro, and more.

100% convenience

Prime is for people that have a growing collection of online devices, know that they need to protect their privacy and security, but dislike contracts that tie them down, whether this is for accommodation, their automobile, or their phone.

Life changes rapidly, and potential Prime members place a high value on convenience and freedom in their life decisions. Our key requirement as we developed Prime was to make Avira’s premium services more easily available with less commitment – regardless of how many devices the user had, the type of device, or the operating system. — Travis Witteveen, Avira’s CEO

The needs – and the threats – are growing

The launch of Prime comes as the number of devices and threats against them are growing fast. In the United States, the number of devices and connections per capita is expected to climb by an annual rate of 11.7% to 10.9 by 2018. Growth in Europe is not far behind, with the number expected to increase by 10.9% to 6.52 devices according to data from the Cisco VNI Service Adoption Forecast.

On the threat side, a rolling six-month report from the Avira Virus Lab shows a 132.3% increase in the number of threat detections over the period. Just by volume, the increase was led by traditional Trojan malware, up 146.8%, with ransomware instances growing by 22.4%. While phishing attacks look virtually unchanged, creeping upwards by 1.6%, the growing number and accuracy of closely targeted attacks make them a more dangerous threat.

With the fast growth in the numbers of connected devices, there are simply more places where a user can be attacked – and this is happening as cyber-criminals diversify their attack portfolios. — Alexander Vukcevic, Director Avira Virus Lab

From selling apps to Security-as-a-service

The growing number of devices shows the shortcomings in the industry focus on selling individual security products. Avira is the first company to group its products together into an all-inclusive subscription service package.

With Avira Prime, we are moving towards a security-as-a-service model and away from the current industry practice of selling bits and pieces. The individual product approach has worked in the past where people had only one or two devices in the household, but has major shortcomings as people keep adding devices to their technology portfolios. — Travis Witteveen, Avira’s CEO

Three pillars for comprehensive security

Prime covers the main three major security needs of protection, privacy, and performance for the inter-connected, always-on life:

  • Protection – Security both online and off.
    • Prime provides you with a full range of security against online threats, new ransomware variants, and the latest zero-day attacks. In addition to Antivirus Pro blocking out incoming malware, Avira’s security apps for Android also enable you to secure devices – and your data – from theft.
  • Privacy – Covering tracks everywhere
    • As a Prime member, you can enhance your online privacy and security with Phantom VPN. Phantom wraps online communication in an encrypted envelope, securing it against Man-in-the-middle attacks throughout the transmission chain. Phantom VPN is also available in all four operating systems, enabling you to easily move between your home laptop or a smartphone on the go.
  • Performance – Getting there faster
    • Prime helps you to keep your devices in shape and up to speed. Members get unlimited access to System Speedup Pro for Windows devices and the Avira Optimizer for Android, enabling you to easily remove old and unused apps, free up memory capacity, and protect against privacy risks.

Making it easy by design

With Avira Prime, members get unlimited access to all current premium products – and all new apps as they are released. Registration for Prime takes only an email. Prime membership subscription comes in two flavors, a simple annual payment or a monthly flat rate. Both annual and monthly options enable you to receive more features at a lower cost than you would if these services were purchased separately. Prime is also a major timesaver, reducing the time spent searching for apps that could deliver the needed functions across all four operating platforms.

Avira Prime comes in two umbrella sizes – five devices and household. The household fair usage policy gives you the ability to service up to 25 devices, freeing you from the need to ration security coverage between family members.

It’s all on the dashboard

Getting all devices under the Prime umbrella is easy. After subscribing at, you are sent an email with download links that can be forwarded to all of your other devices – regardless of whether they run on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. In addition, each Prime member is registered at the Online Essentials dashboard, enabling remote device management and the directly downloading of all apps from this location. The dashboard shows the online health of all of the covered devices, equipping the dashboard user to remotely add or remove services at will – without having the device at hand and without any extra cost.

Prime time to join

With its wide coverage, Prime is an industry leader by offering you the protection, privacy, and the performance assistance you and your devices need. To sign up for Prime, or to just get more detailed information, go to Prices for a 5-device subscription are $9.99/month or $99.99/year. The 25-device subscription for Avira Prime is $12.99/month and $129.99/year.


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