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Avira performance gets confirmed and recommended

Avira performance gets confirmed and recommended

Good news for Avira over the past week: Avira Antivirus achieved top recognition – “Advanced +” seal from AV-Comparatives, was certified by AV-Test, and our Free Security Suite got UK-based TechRadar appreciation.

Can’t touch it

Our Antivirus Pro won the highest “Advanced +” certification in AV-Comparatives’ Malware Protection Test. This twice-annual test focuses on how well an antivirus program can prevent a malicious file from actually making changes to the system. This means that the security app is graded not only on the detection rates but also the protection capabilities; on how well it defends the device once malicious activities are running and not just when the malware touches the device hard drive. The Malware Protection Test measures the overall ability of security products to protect the system against malicious programs, whether before, during or after their execution and it complements the AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test.

We managed to protect against 20.044 of the 20.046 malware cases used during the latest test phase. This protection rate of 99.9% was a great performance that lead Avira Antivirus to win Avira another ‘Advanced+’ certification from AV-Comparatives. — Alexander Vukcevic, Head of the Avira Virus Lab.

Protection for the real world

Avira Antivirus Pro had a strong performance in AV-Comparatives’ March Real-World Protection Test, one of the most comprehensive and complex on the cybersecurity market. The test exposes the antivirus solutions only to new malware.

AV-Comparatives’ March test considered 216 live test cases – malicious live URLs found in the field. The testers threw these test cases against PCs running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro RS3 64 Bit and a full spread of fully updated third-party software (including Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Java) and counted the results.

The monthly frequency of this test, as well as fact that they only use new active malware, favors vendors with good malware hunting practices and up-to-date sample collections. Avira Antivirus managed to block out 215 out of 216 threats from accessing the system, with only 2 false positives. This score places Avira in the top security apps. — Alexander Vukcevic, Head of the Avira Virus Lab.

Security goes mobile

Avira Antivirus Security Pro (for Android) was again certified by the independent AV-Test. The bi-monthly test looked at a collection of Android security apps for their malware detection abilities and overall impact on device performance. “In the performance test – together with false positives part of the usability category – Antivirus Security Pro showed it had a low footprint across the board in terms of system utilization, battery drain, network strain,” said Alexander. “We scored 6 out of 6 points in protection, 5,5 out of 6 for usability and 1 out of possible 1 point for Avira’s additional features such as Identity Safeguard and Privacy Advisor. Avira blocked 99,9% in real-time threats and 100% prevalent samples.

We’re on their radar screen

The latest TechRadar article focused on the best free lightweight security tools that wouldn’t slow Windows computers – and the device owner – down to a crawl. It’s the security paradox: people need an antivirus solution on their devices but they can be afraid to install it and have their online lives slowed down. The article recommends five different apps ranging from antivirus to file eraser.

Avira Free Security Suite was the choice of a lightweight, speedy and free cybersecurity solution.

In addition to virus protection, there’s also a system acceleration tool, a VPN for private web browsing and a password manager. All of the components are of a high standard, but the antivirus tool is particularly impressive. — Mark Wycislik-Wilson, tech journalist at Techradar.

Our solutions got tested, certified and recommended. Have you tried them?

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