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Online Essentials: new exciting features

The newest Online Essentials goes to…YOU!

The Avira Online Essentials dashboard has been improved lately and it’s now ready for you to test the new features. In case you are the lucky owner of one or several Avira premium products, you can now install the licenses on your device choosing one of the new buttons: “Add computer” or “Add mobile device”.  Being able to see the number of licenses displayed in the Dashboard is the icing on the cake. Devices with a premium license will have a “Pro” label in the Dashboard overview.

Are you a Windows user? If yes, you have the option to download your personal kit and install it on your devices, activating the license automatically. Deploy the product via email to own devices or to share the product and license with friends. We are more likely to use our smartphone for browsing on the Internet so one of the new features allows you to send the premium product via email or sms to a managed user by clicking the “Add Mobile Device” button. The cool fact is that once the user runs out of premium licenses, the Free product is deployed for both PC and mobile.

Indulge yourself with a nice view

If you are managing multiple devices you can opt to switch the devices section to a list view and lock the Dashboard access for devices which are managed by an administrator.

To see the services available for each device, the user will have to click on “Details” at device level and an expanded view will open.

online essentials

The “Lock device” option is available under the settings icon from each device row.This action will block the person who is using that device to access the Dashboard from his Launcher.

online essentials

To unlock the device, the administrator will have to go back mouse over on the settings icon and choose “Unlock device”.

online essentials

Try the new version of Avira Online Essentials and you will feel like a VIP when it comes to managing your devices security.

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