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Avira cleans up in malware removal test

That’s the reason we are proud to announce that our Avira Antivirus Pro won the top “Advanced +” rating in malware removal from independent testing authority AV Comparatives.

“The AV Comparatives test focuses on the real-user experience of cleaning away the mess of a malware infection, so we’re quite pleased with the results,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira. “Our Advanced+ rating shows the effort we’ve made in making Avira effective and simple to use – especially for our non-geek customers.”

In order to test everything as best as possible the researchers from AV Comparatives created an all-too-common test scenario. Starting with a clean computer (that would be the new and shiny PC you probably got at Christmas ; ) ), they infected it with a live sample of malware – then tried to install various antivirus software, to see how completely and easily the infection could be removed.

Each AV software was judged on two major areas: malware removal and user convenience. For malware removal, security providers were rated on how completely the malware was removed, with the highest scores going to the solution that left only negligible traces behind. For user convenience, the highest ratings were awarded if the malware mess could be cleaned away with the computer in normal operating mode – without requiring rebooting in Safe Mode, using a Rescue Disk, or contacting Support.

After successively running through a battery of 35 trojans, backdoor malware, and worms, AV Comparatives totaled up the scores for each antivirus software. For Avira Antivirus Pro, the result was enough points to rank it in the highest “Advanced +” bracket.

“Great teamwork, great results.” Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira on the latest @AVComparatives Test


“Top scores like this aren’t pulled from a hat. They’re the result of some tight collaboration within Avira between the Virus Lab and Product Development teams,” said Mr. Witteveen. “Great teamwork, great results.”

Are you interested to find out what samples of malware were used and in other details of the test? Then check out the whole report.

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