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Avira Insight - Finding the lowest prices while shopping trumps safety; Why not do both?

Finding the lowest prices while shopping trumps safety; Why not do both?

Kelly was at her local department store searching for the latest LEGO set for her son’s 8th birthday. She found it, but thought to herself, “I wonder if this is the lowest price for this set?” She grabbed her mobile phone, clicked on her new app, took a picture of the barcode of the LEGO set and in mere seconds was looking at another bricks and mortar store plus an online store that was offering that exact set for $10 less. PRESTO, instead of driving to the other store, Kelly decided to click on the online site to buy the set with free shipping. She saved $10 and still got what she wanted. Additionally, she didn’t have to worry about accidentally clicking on a site that was infected or would have offered malware to her device.

Statistic Brain predicted a few months ago that online shopping with a mobile device would hit $114 billion in sales in 2017. It’s a given that online shopping is popular but online shopping with mobile devices is growing significantly each year. With so many apps already available to help consumers find the best deals around the world, it can be confusing to know which app to use. Should a user focus on simply the best price, or should they also worry that they remain safe throughout the transaction and their credentials or payment information don’t get compromised? Why not do both?

Avira Insight and QR Scanner, available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store allows shoppers on the go to use the barcode/QR code scanner to compare prices with one click so they can know they’re getting the lowest price for an item or they can find out where the lowest price for a specific item can be found and order it immediately.

Avira Insight - Finding the lowest prices while shopping trumps safety; Why not do both? - in-post

Avira Insight and QR Scanner users receive great offers from manufacturers and vendors when they scan certain barcodes or QR codes. Avira Insight also features the ability to see the history of scanned products which provides a historical list of prices.

Most importantly, Avira Insight and QR Scanner instantly checks whether the URL destination for the barcode/QR code is secure and safe to visit. If the website is unsafe, you are not taken to the suspect site.

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So go ahead, do what Kelly did, download the Avira Insight and QR Scanner app and begin shopping for the best deals on the items you want, all the while staying safe while you shop!

*This product can scan EAN-8, EAN-13 or UPC-A barcodes and is available in English-speaking countries, as well as France, Italy, and the DACH region. If you want to use the app from a different location, please make sure you turn on your VPN beforehand.

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