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Pokémon Go

The battle is on: Take over the Avira HQ PokeGym and win

Pokémon Go? What are you guys talking about …

Just in case you don’t know what Pokémon Go is, let me explain what it’s all about:  Pokémon Go combines the real world with a digital map on smartphones. People follow the map to search for Pokémon – little critters that they can catch with “Pokeballs”. Once in the player’s possession, the creatures are trained and set to fight against other Pokémon in “PokeGyms”.

While only being released in the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Germany at the time if the writing, Pokémon Go is already the biggest US mobile game ever, beats porn as a search term on Google, and apparently also topped Twitter’s daily users while seeing more engagement than Facebook. Quite a feat for a game that was just released 10 days ago, right?

It also manages to do what no game has done before: Getting people to go outside. Due to the nature of Pokémon Go people glued to their smartphones are walking kilometers just to catch them all. You need to collect Pokémon all over the map and let them fight in PokeGyms which – most likely – are also not just in front of your home.

The Challenge

And this is where we, Avira, come in. Outside of our headquarters in Tettnang, Germany, we have a nice and shiny PokeGym. We challenge you – the people out there – to go and take it over. The first 50 Pokémon trainer who do so (and have the screenshot to prove it) will receive an Avira Antivirus Pro key after he or she has shared the screenshot on social media and sent a mail to *

Also: Anyone who manages to catch a Pokémon in front of our Avira umbrella on the building and shares it online will receive an Avira t-shirt (as long as supplies last).  To get it just go to the front desk inside the building, show the shared content, and claim your t-shirt! *

That’s it! If you are not from the region and therefore can’t participate don’t despair: We are sure there are lots of other cool Pokémon Go related challenges and raffles going on everywhere.


* Please note that prizes will only be given out during our office hours starting on Monday, July 18th, and Avira employees are exempt from claiming a price.

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