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Employee Testimonials: 29 Years of Avira

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A company builds its success on quality products & services brought to people by talented, dedicated employees. We are no exception to that rule, the Avira employees being…simply awesome.

We are lucky enough to count among Avira employees people who have been with the company for 9, 10 or even 18 years. Despite the fact that some of them were just kids when our business was in the process of being created, when the moment came, they joined Avira and their time spent here rewarded them with beautiful memories and unforgettable successes. The company thrived simultaneously, becoming the chosen Antivirus provider for millions of users around the world.

At Avira we are more than a team, we are a family.


PS: Word to the wise, whenever in doubt about whatever makes your company be successful… just ask THEM.

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