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Avira – What we do in Customer Support

Nowadays much of our life happens online so we tend to get the feeling that a computer or, broadly speaking, Artificial Intelligence is the fix for everything. When you have a question, we are here to help. Yes, our Artificial Intelligence is always on and, together with it, people are the ones that make the difference. Often, these are the people behind a technical support phone number. The Avira Customer Support team is the one that answers your questions, whether online or via the Avira hotline. In a flash, we help you keep your connected devices secure – and we can address your questions in six languages. Our colleague, Carmen Lencaru, Team Manager for Avira’s Customer Support team, offers a sneak peek into the daily work of the colleagues who interact with you from the other side of the Avira email support service or hotline. “We do more than help Avira users directly; we make sure that their voice and their feedback is heard in the company,” says Carmen.

Don’t stress, just contact us

When something does not appear to be working, contacting Avira technical support is a direct option for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers. “We communicate with users across the globe, sharing quick and easy solutions for their needs,” adds Carmen. “Besides the traditional Avira hotline and email support, we offer growing social media support and a knowledge-base management platform.”

Customer Support sized for you

Avira provides two levels of technical support – free and premium. Information on both can be found on the Avira support page. Avira free users get limited product assistance via the knowledge-base management platform. Just look up a question such as how to add an Avira subscription, and you’ll get an immediate answer with screenshots.

Premium users have unlimited access to Avira’s award-winning Customer Support team via the hotline, email, and social media. In addition, the Avira Customer Support center offers personalized assistance by enabling users to set up a direct appointment 24 hours in advance with internal experts for more complicated issues.

Beware of scams

Despite our efforts to provide wide-ranging support options, fake Avira support service numbers can be found on the internet and on social media. While offering to help consumers, they also try to sell an array of questionable apps and IT services – or try to place malware onto a user’s computer during a remote session. Our users should know that the Avira technical support team will never try to promote other Avira products and won’t offer personalized assistance via remote sessions on the spot. During remote assistance, the Avira manager will always explain to the user the action being taken and ask for the user’s permission before proceeding with any intervention. “We don’t want our users going to those sites, getting ripped off, then thinking that they are somehow connected with us,” says Carmen. “We would encourage our customers to get real help straight from a real Avira Customer Support center.” Find one by clicking this link.

Feedback results in changes

Technical support doesn’t stop after the call is finished or the Avira email is sent. Avira customer service is the users’ voice in the company, as our colleagues enable customers to shape the look and feel of Avira products. Feedback from our users has led to specific changes in the Avira UX. “In the past, there was some user confusion over changing payment details and how expiration and subscription renewal dates were shown in their Avira Account (,” explains Carmen. “Based on this user feedback, we’ve adjusted how to change payment details and how we display expiration dates.”

People are listening

Responding to user feedback with UX modifications is just the start. Avira also has its managers stationed in Customer Service for “Meet the Avira Customers” days. These full-day events see Product Managers and Directors taking phone calls from the Avira hotline, handling emails, and gathering feedback from customers. “It creates an emotional relationship between the strategists and developers on one side and the voice at the other end of the support phone call,” she points out. “After this experience, they said it made them more aware of who Avira customers are and they gained a better understanding of their needs.”

“The deciding factor influencing customer service is not the device, the operating system, or the specific Avira app, but the human being,” says Carmen: “In a nutshell, it’s about meeting our customers’ shifting needs and responding to their feedback in the very best way we can.”

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