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Here comes Avira Connect Web

Here comes Avira Connect Web

Avira Connect is back and the new look as well as enhanced functionality make it easier to look out for your entire family of electronic devices – and maybe your family, too.

What is Avira Connect?

Connect is the name for our Avira dashboard, the place that allows you to manage your security across all your devices. You can easily access it by visiting

Just like the dashboard of a car, Connect lets you know what’s going on with the device’s performance or if there are any looming issues that need to be resolved ASAP. But unlike the car dashboard, it can provide information on several devices at once.

Design matters

The first thing you might notice is the updated UI which is designed for an even easier user navigation – regardless of whether you are a basic computer user or an IT professional.  Our brand new design will reduce the amount of time you could potentially lose as you search for information about your device and potential new apps. It is now easier to see the entire digital portfolio before looking at the status of an individual device.

Connect all your devices

You are a Mac user? Great news for you: The updated Connect now fully encompasses Mac laptops. That means that if you live in a mixed-technology household you now can see all of the devices equally on the dashboard, whether they are Macs, iPhones, Windows PCs, or Android smartphones.

Be more mobile

For Android devices, our Avira Connect now comes with an automatic login functionality to ease connectivity. This way you’ll have an easier time to use Connect for getting information about specific apps and are able to deploy mobile apps more quickly.

Don’t lose that subscription

The new UI for Subscriptions feature makes it way easier to manage your Avira subscriptions for our premium products. This accessibility is especially important as the Avira product portfolio expands to cover more security needs – like for example with the Avira Phantom VPN or the Software Updater.

Don’t lose your family members, either

Family Locator equips users to track the geographic location of their loved ones – or of their phones. This feature could help you to find your mobile or family members wherever they are.

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So here you go: Avira Connect – is the free control panel for all of your devices. Try the app out yourself and share your thoughts in the comments. What else would you like to see handled by Avira Connect?

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