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Avira Connect – your free control panel to manage your device

In our connected world where almost everyone owns multiple devices with access to the internet, Avira Connect provides the perfect platform for all your IP devices that exists in your home network.

Avira Connect – the only control panel you’ll ever need

Avira Connect offers you an easy solution to better manage your computer, tablet, and smartphone. What do you need for this? Well, just the one account – nothing else!

Avira Connect - Control Panel

See all the Avira programs you’ve installed on your current device at one glance. You also will be notified if an action is required.

Avira Connect - Action required

Monitor the state of services on your current device without having to manually check it – you can do it all in one place.

Start scans to secure your device and activate your apps such as Phantom VPN or System Speedup. In case you want to install even more programs you can do so without any hassle: It only takes a click to start installation. Talking about one-click solutions: The license renewal of programs you already own is equally easy! Upgrading from a free to a paid version is of course possible, too.

Avira Connect - My devices

So there you have it: Avira Connect – your free control panel to manage all your devices. What are you waiting for? Try the app out yourself and share your thoughts in the comments. What else would you like to see handled by Avira Connect?


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