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Avira Beta Center: Recap 2017

Avira Beta Center: Recap! The last 365 days

In regards to beta testing at Avira, the year 2017 was very successful. So, we’d like to share this success story and provide some insights into our continuously growing Beta Community. With the help of our diligent testers, we were able to test a lot of different beta versions and to fix various bugs. Additionally, we were able to offer them exclusive access to our latest cutting-edge technologies. A picture is worth a thousand words so let’s take a look at the numbers of the last years.

Avira Beta Ccenter: Recap 2017 - in-post

We proudly can point at our total number of beta testers which – in comparison to 2016 – increased over 50%! And you even can see an exponential growth.

Registering at our Avira Beta Center gives our testers the opportunity to participate in beta tests covering a very wide variety platform-related products. Although the main focus is to test products based on Microsoft Windows, we also offer beta tests on different platforms targeting different segments of security and privacy protection.

Avira Beta Ccenter: Recap 2017 - in-post

As our primary communication language is English, we are very excited that the interest for our products reached a global level, with the majority of testers in North America. Although the primary language to test is English, we don’t limit the tests to English only. Every now and then a new beta version needs to be tested in another language, which we call localized tests. And as you can see in the graph, due to the tester’s spoken languages we cover quite a lot of languages already.

Avira Beta Ccenter: Recap 2017 - in-post

Avira Beta Ccenter: Recap 2017 - in-post

Outlook for 2018

For 2018 we aim higher and expect even more new tester registrations. That is the reason why we currently work on a visual upgrade of the Avira Beta Center. We intend to modernize the overall look and feel, thus making it more comfortable to work with. Together with more structured beta tests and the introduction of specific tasks for testers, we want to live up to the expectations of our community and offer an even greater user experience. Hence, beside the exploratory beta tests which we’ve offered since the beginning of our Beta Community, we will now offer additional tasks to guide you through every particular test in detail. This way we expect more focused tests and in that way, increase the number of opportunities for you to leave valuable feedback.

If you are interested in joining a dynamic and growing community and testing our latest portfolio, click here to register at our Avira Beta Center!

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board!