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Avira Optimizer for Android: Conquer your dead battery anxieties!

Nomophobia or ‘dead battery anxiety’ is no laughing matter,” said Andrei Petruş, product manager of the Avira Optimizer. “Smartphone users just want to use their devices without running out of juice mid-trip.”

Avira research has shown that people have four major gripes with their Android smartphones — short battery life, lack of memory, slow speed, and data insecurity. With the full integration of the new battery features into the Optimizer, Avira is now covering all major issues for Android users.

The new battery management features in the Optimizer work on two levels – hardware and software – to extend device usability.  These features have been placed into three user profiles:

  • Emergency Mode – Slash energy use when the battery goes below 15%.
  • Battery Saver – Adjust data use, screen sleep time, and more when the battery goes below 20%.
  • Custom Profiles – User-defined profiles for your specific needs with automatic activation by geo-location or WiFi network.

Avira Optimizer answers the typical user gripes over the memory, speed, data security, and yes, the battery life of their Android device with the following enhanced feature set:

  • Clean memory – Delete residual files left behind by your favorite apps.
  • Manage apps – Get rid of unwanted or unneeded apps.
  • Optimize storage –Sort files and clean out the cache files.
  • Clean private data – Delete browser history, call logs, and your private data held by apps.
  • Battery Optimizer – Enhanced device usability and battery management

Android Optimizer
The Avira Optimizer for Android is available for free at the Google Play Store and via the Avira website. Additional functionalities such as the customized user profiles are available for premium users for 1.99€.

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