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Why AV Pro was Born

Announcing the launch of AV Pro

On June 24th we announced that our core antivirus product had gotten a new name, Antivirus Pro (AV Pro for short). At the same time we made a significant upgrade to the antivirus engine, our fastest and most modern anti-malware technology to date. For example one of those new cutting-edge components is called xVDF and is profiled here.

Why we created AV Pro

AV Pro is as much about adapting to the way people conceptualise software as it is about core security technology. As consumer IT evolves, the ‘app’ or standalone product is becoming the dominant way people think about buying and downloading software.

Some of our customers still want trusted brands like Avira to build or curate bundles of applications, but other customers want us to sell them each app individually. And some customers will always want to try out free versions of our applications before purchasing them through in-app upgrades or from our online store.

Downloading, Trying and Buying AV Pro

As our flagship product, you’ll find AV Pro throughout our product offering. For example, together with System Speedup you can find AV Pro in our most popular bundle Avira Internet Security Suite or sold as a standalone here on

What happens with Avira Internet Security Suite and Avira Antivirus Suite

If you are a current customer of Avira Internet Security Suite (ISS) there is no change. Your product will automatically be upgraded to the latest version of ISS which contains two products, AV Pro and Avira System Speedup.

In terms of pricing, the new Avira Internet Security Suite lists for € 44,95, AV Pro for € 29,95 and System Speedup for € 19,95. In other words, buying the two products together in a bundle, our most popular level of protection, saves you € 4,95.

With Avira Antivirus Suite customers, your product simply gets a new name. Once you receive the automate update, your product will be called Avira Antivirus Pro.

A comparison chart showing the protection features of Internet Security Suite (ISS) before and after the launch of AV Pro can be found here.

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