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Avira Anti Virus Pro – new core with the fastest malware engine

The new products are already available.

  1. Avira Antivirus Pro is the new powerful basis for all new Avira antivirus products – for existing and future solutions, such as the 2015 product range planned in the autumn.
  2. Avira Antivirus Pro provides all users of paid-for antivirus solutions with our latest antivirus technology, including full use of Avira Protection Cloud and the Avira URL Cloud, which together are the most advanced virus detection technology available on the market today. Furthermore, a new generation of virus definition files equip our software with much more information for effective virus protection – read our xVDF article for more details.

The antivirus engine of Avira Internet Security Suite or Antivirus Suite will be automatically upgraded to AV Pro via a regular update beginning in July. Customers with Avira Internet Security Suite will notice no change to the Avira System Speedup product that is also included in that product bundle, along with AV Pro. While Windows computers with Antivirus Pro access the latest AV technology, users will also notice minor changes to the user interface and a new Antivirus engine name, Antivirus Pro, in the header.

The launch of Antivirus Pro sees us concentrating our focus on a standard and highly effective antivirus engine for all new paid-for products featuring the very latest anti-malware technology. Our free products, such as Avira Free Antivirus, will also benefit from these technological advances.

A comparison chart showing the protection features of Internet Security Suite (ISS) before and after the launch of AV Pro can be found here.

Avira, a company with over 100 million customers and more than 500 employees, is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is a pioneer in its field.