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Avira Antivirus Pro Business Edition: it’s our business to protect yours

Although the press usually focuses on big names involved in unfortunate situations caused by hackers (ransomware, leaked information, financial losses), there are many other companies targeted by cybercriminals, some without even knowing.

In a study led over a year a ago which polled 814 key IT security professionals across 19 industries, over 71% of the respondents admitted falling victim to a successful cyber attack in 2014. More than half of them expected to be targeted by hackers again in 2015.

When your business suffers a data breach, it affects both its reputation and revenue.Not only data breaches occur more often than one would imagine but they’re also quite expensive: hacks cost the American economy $100bn a year.

Why risk it all and not going for top security software when it comes to your company?

Secure your corporate data and customer files with award-winning antivirus technology

Avira Antivirus Pro Business Edition offers you award-winning, next-generation security technology – reliable, tried and tested by millions of users, and a prime example of German engineering. In order to be as efficient as possible, this software solution comes with centralized management and even recognizes malware attacks from the outset, all thanks to cloud-based real-time protection.

We offer businesses:

  • Real-Time Threat Prevention: our signature-based detection, heuristic analysis, and cloud-based scanning offer you complete protection against malware.
  • Enhanced Network Drive Protection: Avira Antivirus Pro Business prevents malware from being stored or spread via your internal network or a shared cloud-based storage solution.
  • Advanced Web Protection: Phishing scams, infected websites, drive-by downloads… we make sure your employees never land on harmful websites.
  • Email Protection: Avira Antivirus Pro Business scans locally installed email clients so that employees neither receive malware nor spread it to colleagues, customers, or patients.
  • Resource-light: even with powerful antivirus technology running, your servers maintain their peak performance under heavy loads.
  • Centralized Management: all Avira-secured devices can effortlessly be managed from an intuitive online dashboard.
  • Mobile Device Management: smartphones equipped with an Avira mobile app can be tracked from the dashboard and antitheft safeguards can be triggered remotely.
  • No maintenance or other hidden costs: Avira Antivirus Pro Business doesn’t interfere with server uptime or availability. Outstanding customer support is there when you need it and included in the service.

Privacy, protection, and performance for your network.

Avira Antivirus ServerWe are all aware that frequent downtime due to malware, compromised corporate secrets or leaked customer data can jeopardize your business. In order to prevent all that from happening, we released a brand new version of our Antivirus for Server.

Avira Server Antivirus  secures your network, data, and web traffic. Powered by advanced cloud technology, our resource-light security solution has achieved 100% detection rates in both on-demand and on-access tests, and has been honored with awards by leading industry labs in many tests, including malware removal, usability, and performance.

Want to benefit from top protection for your business devices? Our security solutions provide you with everything you need.

Avira Antivirus Business

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