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Avira Antivirus for Android, another perfect score

July Test Summary

In the current test, Avira Free Antivirus for Android was pitched against 28 competing products and 2627 malicious applications which were newly discovered by AV-TEST in the current testing period.

Just like in the previous four tests, our free Avira Antivirus for Android delivered a perfect 100% detection rate on the Android malware test set, not even missing a single malicious app. This means another solid 6 out 6 possible points purely for the detection capabilities of our app.

In addition to the raw detection rates, AV-TEST also considers usability an equally important factor in the tested products. Of the 13 achievable points in the test, 6 are reserved for various performance metrics, false positives and update sizes. Zero false positives and no hiccups in any of the benchmarks granted us another perfect score of 6 out of 6 possible points.

The rest of the 13 possible points we received for the other important security-related features in the app, like Anti-Theft functionality and call blocking.


Behind the Numbers

Our passion at Avira is to give our users the ability to focus on what is really important in their lives, without having to worry about their digital safety. To this end we continuously dedicate our efforts to provide them with the best security solutions available on the market.

Subsequently receiving test results with perfect scores proves that we can sustain high detection rates over a longer period of time without a negative impact on user experience.

This is only possible with rock-solid technology, as well as all the right processes and people in place to discover, classify and detect new malicious applications. Doing well once on a specific set of samples will not automatically carry over to the next testing period, as no malware file is ever being used twice by the testing organization.

Our growing installation base of several million active users further underlines that users trust in our ability to cover their security needs in the mobile space.

Want more?

If you want even more protection than already offered by our free Android app, consider upgrading to the paid version which adds the blocking of malicious websites and protects you against phishing attacks.


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Manager Advanced Research and Technologies at Avira GmbH -Dedicated to malware research and the development of innovative countermeasures for more than a decade.