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The Community Self-Help Model: Meet Avira Answers Experts


Michael Glasspol and Sidney Martins are two of our most active Experts so we asked them to tell us more about what drives them to help other users out there whenever they are having troubles with their PCs. We asked each of them three simple questions and their answers were incredible!

Michael Glasspool

  1. Tell us the story on how you got to learn about Avira Answers Platform and decided to join the Experts community.

The invitation for the Avira Expert Market arrived sometime in August 2012 and I responded to it, in and around, October 1, 2012. Well, at the time I was helping my brother with his consulting business. He had two computers to run with engineering, project and other software along with his emails to keep up with. He was in different locations and on different networks and this became a challenge. Of course, I had my own computers to look after and what I used to do is apply for beta programs to test new products and keep up with the development of software. On one occasion, I received an email invitation from Avira beta to join the Avira Expert Market for what was then a new platform idea where people with technical knowledge could meet up with all types of computer users in a marketplace setting. Now that would be the most ideal situation to troubleshoot a PC and so I joined.

  1. What makes you want to help others to troubleshoot their PC, beyond Avira product troubleshoot?

I learned through life that you’re supposed to help people and with computers it is no different. So I set out to achieve that principle and now I provide this on Avira Answers as a consultant. At first I was reluctant to join the marketplace to possibly promote my wares. I wasn’t really sure if my skills would be utilized or useful to take to market. What I mean by that is there’s lots of computer repair shops all over the place. And, what could I do that would be different or worthwhile for someone to say,  ‘hey, he solved my problem or fixed my computer right in front of me without having to take my computer to a local store’. Although, not all repairs require a remote connection nor are all repairs requiring remuneration. A lot of inquiries come in with just a simple fix, adjustment or correction in the Operating System and this can be achieved in an open discussion like Avira’s chat window or some other type of follow up procedure.

  1. What are your plans regarding collaboration with Avira for the long term?

There’s a saying, “in order to survive in the jungle, you have to learn how to specialize” (Discovery Channel). My first experience to data transmission was an introduction to fiber optics in 1977, data processing in 1979, electronic warfare in 1982, the use of data entry, along with encryption, in 1989, micro processing in 1993 and larger scale use of databases in 2005. My private work in consulting revolves around my true expertise in identification and my ongoing mission objective which is a strategy yet to be revealed. Therefore, I am specializing on Avira Answers.

As for the long term, I am and always will be thankful for the opportunity at Avira to learn more and expand on my current experience.

Sidney Martins

  1. What made you join the Experts market?

For many years before joining Expert Market, I had troubleshoot problems into my own computers and the computers of friends and family. I became confident that was possible to repair and prevent incidents, instead of just reformatting and reinstalling everything.

Reformatting demanded time especially when you need to install lot of windows updates, reinstall all kind of software and copy back your data files. So, I wanted to know what were the “Good habits” to maintain the system integrity and avoid crashes, errors, malwares and other problems. I was learning these “Good habits” and researching each time more about other specific problems and how to fix or prevent them.

I’ve always been a fan of Avira and had this curiosity into digging on tech and security news and information. That’s how I found Avira Expert Market and joined. I, also, had a friend that helped me in the beginning and teach some lessons. Hadrien Muller. He works now in a Belgium datacenter but we are still in contact. We had lot of work cleaning rootkits like Zeus and ZeroAccess in the late of 2012.

  1. What is it that you like most about Avira?

The brand, the product, the people. A great triangle that makes me love Avira. I know there are people I don’t know their names, but they are on a lab, working hard to produce excelence in algorithms that runs Avira engine as a top-software of it’s kind. People working on marketing, support, web designers, software engineers, people cleaning the office rooms, CEO and more.

Since AntiVir for XP and older systems I rely on Avira for my computer, and I always invite people to use it. Avira got my confidence by the reliable engine, performance and intuitive interface.

  1. What are your plans regarding collaboration with Avira for the long term?

I will continue to provide help and services on the platform in the next future. I know the internet field is very turbulent and things change a lot and fast. I want continue to tracking those changes. This will help me to provide the services my customers are familiar with. And, also, bringing the community the help they need, by answers, by chat and by remote support.

You also want to use your skills to help other users? Join the Avira Answers Community today: 

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