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Avira Answers – a community for Avira’s 100M users

The foundation

It all began in 1988, from our bold desire to combat cyber-threats that were targeting computer users all around the world. It was plain back then that this was going to be a continuous effort, where we had to constantly stay one step ahead of the culprits devoted to sabotaging cyberspace. Passion, data and user-centricity were the hallmarks of Avira, which have remained engrained in our corporate culture to this day.

Within years, our passion was rewarded by the trust of hundreds of thousands of users. It was then that we knew our vision should be scaled up, hence our commitment to providing best-in-class security to the world, for FREE. It was a courageous decision business-wise, but we felt very strongly that this should be our path.

The living proof stays in the cutting-edge technologies we have embedded in our security solutions that cover the most popular platforms out there: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and notable browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

What’s our secret? It’s the power to protect 100 million users around the globe, the knowledge to succeed at it, and the passion to love doing it.

Going the extra mile

We always fostered direct communication with our users and kept an open dialogue with them through our Customer Advocacy team. We listened to our customers and found out they were often calling in our support department for problems unrelated to Avira products. These problems ranged from missing software to obsolete applications and misconfigured hardware.

It was late 2012 when we decided to go the extra mile: help our users fix the problems they were confronting with, even if their challenge had nothing to do with malware. We knew the problem – help millions of users fix hundreds of unique problems, daily, in areas where we might not even have an expertise. What we did know is this: there are 100 million users worldwide bound together by the red Avira umbrella, confronted with millions of diverse and largely unique problems. It became clear to us that crowd sourcing could help us improve our customer service levels. If only there was a common place where one could put a question to the community. In September 2013, we proudly launched Avira Answers.

Looking back, our plan was accurate: Avira Answers has been a resounding success and supports thousands of user interactions per month.

Avira Answers is not just another Q&A forum. Sporting a state-of-the-art user experience, it is highly optimized for rapid knowledge transfer. What makes it unique is the knowledgeable community ready to answer diverse questions, varying from complex computer troubleshooting to purchasing advices. No matter the topic, we help you get your questions answered.

So next time you have a question, or just want to make the world a better place by sharing your knowledge, or simply want to hang out with our passionate community, we’re looking forward to welcoming you on

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