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Avira aces AV-Comparatives tests

The double top scores confirms Avira’s effectiveness in the two major impact points for consumers today – Protection in real-world malware scenarios and the negative impact from a security app on their computer’s performance.

“When it comes to online security, people just want to know ‘does it blend?’ –  And as a completely independent testing organization, these AV-Comparatives tests give a clear answer regarding Avira – Yes, Avira protects and it does this very well,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.

These positive results come from two separate tests – the Real-World Protection Test and the Performance Test – that the testing organization released during the second week of November.

The Real-World Protection Test is described by AV-Comparatives as “the most comprehensive and complex test available.” During the testing process, a set of 393 live malware samples are run by a PC running  Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium with all up-to-date third-party software. The test is designed to mirror infection as a typical user would experience during their everyday surfing and online behavior.

Avira passed through this test by with flying colors, spotting all 393 malware samples with only one false positive.

The Performance Test measured the lag factor from security software, looking at the extra effort and time it took to do everyday tasks such as launching applications, copying files, and downloading files. Protection is not enough for a security product. “It is important … that it does not degrade system performance or trouble users,” explained AV-Comparatives in the report. The test used a PC running Windows 10 Home.

Avira had the lowest impact score out of all 19 antivirus applications in the test, scoring a stellar 2.3. This chart-topping performance earned Avira the top slot in the Advanced+, triple star category.

Avira – Combining top malware detection with lowest impact on computer performance of all tested security apps.

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