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Avira wins two AV Test awards for its quiet approach to usability and repair

“In the company history, this is the first time ever we have achieved the award for best repair – and this is the second year running we have also taken home the usability award,” said Thomas Wegele, an  Avira Virus Lab representative at the awards ceremony. “These awards show we have a great product and solid performance over the past year, basically January to December.”

The first AV-Test award is “Repair for Security Suite” – repair capacity hardcoded into the antivirus solution itself and not as a special add-on feature.

During the AV Tests of repair capabilities during 2015, PCs were infected 100 times with malware to see how well the individual antivirus software solutions cleaned up and restored infected systems – and what was left behind.

Avira did a near clean sweep: “In total, for the four rounds of testing, we cleaned up 97 completely and left behind only a couple harmless fragments,” said Sven Carlsen, head of the “Disinfection Services” in the Avira Virus Lab.

With Avira, products, this repair functionality is called AIRS, short for Avira Intelligent Repair System – and most Avira users will never hear about it. “The repair process is completely silent,” explains Carlsen. “Unlike other products where all detections and repairs are trumpeted, we are the hidden hero. This is part of our philosophy that with Avira, user should know that they are safe and not have to worry about it – their security is just covered.”

The second AV-Test award was covered “Usability” – especially its ability to not get snarled up in false positives while still detecting a battery of incoming threats. To get this award, the testers ran Avira Pro past thousands of websites, scanned millions of applications and monitored programs during installation.

Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test, noted the Avira’s quiet approach to security in his statement: “The Avira Antivirus Pro solution allows the user a wide range of freedom, is only heard from in appropriate situations and thus ensures a feeling of confidence.”

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