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AV-Comparatives Performance Test October 2016

Avira strikes again! 1st place in AV-Comparatives Performance Test

Published some days ago, the test conducted by the independent testing lab AV-Comparatives includes all major AV-Vendors and most of our competitors.

Advanced+ Award for Avira Antivirus Pro

The great news is that Avira performed so well, that we managed to get impressive scores in each part of the gruelling testing process with a final impact score as low as 0.3 points. This made it easy for us to win yet another Advanced+ Award for our Avira Antivirus Pro.

AV-Comparatives Performance Test October 2016
AV-Comparatives Performance Test October 2016

Wonder why this test is so important for us – and for you? Avira Antivirus Pro runs as a background process to check all files that are accessed, in order to protect your system continuously against malware threats. If an antivirus program takes up too many system resources, you might go so far as to either disable or uninstall essential protective features and thus considerably compromise the security of your system. That’s why it is important to not degrade your system performance!

Avira #Antivirus Pro won the latest @AV_Comparatives performance test!


Roles of the game: How does performance testing work @ AV-Comparatives?

According to AV-Comparatives representatives, the test simulated various file operations that a computer user would execute: copying, archiving and unarchiving files, downloading files from the Internet, and opening documents. All products had Internet/cloud-access during the test and tested under Microsoft Windows 10. PC Mark 8 Professional, a testing suite, measured the system impact during the real-world product usage.

“We always want to protect the user. This is our goal which is acknowledged by the high marks we recieve – and we are proud of it. But being able to do this in a subtle and unintrusive way – this is a great benefit for the user and proof that our development teams really deliver top notch technology.” says Boris Cipot, Product Manager Core Security at Avira. “I see this as a great result and I think that our users are satisfied with us because of the delivery of the best protection technology that does not impact the performance of their computers.”

Read the full AV-Comparatives report here.

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