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Apple Gatekeeper still sporting security holes

Since almost forever (at least in terms of Mac vs. PC) people argued that a Mac can keep out malware way better than a Windows PC. Sadly, that does not seem to be true. Why? Well, let me introduce you to Gatekeeper.

“Gatekeeper is a security feature of the OS X operating system which allows users to restrict which sources they can install applications from, in order to reduce the likelihood of inadvertently executing malware.”  (Source: Wikipedia)

While this sounds definitely good an ex NSA guy pointed out a pretty obvious security exploit last year. With it bypassing Gatekeeper was dead easy. Apple of course patched the issue soon after and everyone though all was well again.

Everyone was wrong. The same ex NSA guy, Patrick Wardle, discovered a similar issue with the patch Apple released. He writes: “Apple boldly claims that because of Gatekeeper, both trojans and tampered downloads are generically blocked. So hooray! Mac users are all secure … right? Well – no 🙁 Even on a fully-patched OS X 10.11.2 system, Gatekeeper is trivial to bypass.”.  Definitely not good news for all the Mac users out there!

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