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Avira Antivirus Security for Android: they’re loving it!

Your device’s mobility makes it easier for crooks to hack it or simply steal it together with all the information you store on it. When choosing a certain mobile security provider, you might need to take into consideration more than just classical protection parameters that used to apply for your old computer. Take a look at all the amazing features offering you complete protection in our free Antivirus Security for Android.

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Avira’s Mobile Development team has done an outstanding job in the last couple of months, updating our Android Security Solution on a regular basis. Besides the traditional bug fixes, some really useful features have been added to the menu, making sure that our users get full protection on all levels.

Here’s a complete list of the cool features in Avira’s Antivirus Security for Android:

  • Complete device scan: no corrupted apps, files or malware can escape our radar
  • Anti-theft feature: locate your device, wipe any data from it or simply lock it.
  • Identity safeguard: scan your email address and your contacts to identify any association with potential account breaches at other companies.
  • AppLock: lock your applications by using PIN code identification to allow access.
  • Blacklist: keep away unwanted conversations
  • Premium Secure Browsing: available only for users who upgrade, this feature scans the websites you visit on your mobile device to make sure they are safe and to prevent any potential phishing attack.

With all these features and powerful technology involved, it’s no wonder Avira’s Antivirus Security for Android is receiving so many awards. 83% of the users who rated us on Google Play awarded our product 4 and 5 stars. Want to know why everybody is loving it? See it for yourself, download it now!

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