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Avira Antivirus Security for Android – Version 4.0

Previously discovered bugs have been successfully fixed in the latest version and new features have also been added to the application. You can now lock the applications you use on your mobile devices thanks to the new App Lock feature.

It’s all about performance and security

Although several improvements can be noticed in the design of the interface, most of the updates referred to internal processes and they were aimed at offering Android users the best possible protection. The latest version of Avira Antivirus Security also makes it easier for users to upgrade to the Pro version and thus benefit from a Secure Browsing experience on their Android devices.

Mobile applications secured with Avira’s App Lock

Officially released within the newest version of Avira Antivirus Security for Android, the App Lock feature enables users to protect their mobile apps against unauthorized usage by simply blocking access to them. This comes as an extra layer of protection highly welcomed for apps known to store precious data such as personal information, photos, videos or any other type of sensitive content.

“Our Mobile Development team is proud to offer Android users more than an antivirus application for their devices, an app that treats all privacy aspects equally serious. Data theft can occur under many forms and it is our duty to help the user benefit from extra layers of protection for all sensitive data. The updates in the latest Avira Antivirus Security version, such as the new App Lock feature, work exactly towards this goal: enhanced protection with no extra costs” said Cornel Balaban, Mobile Development Manager at Avira.

FREE Avira Antivirus Security for Android Version 4.0 is available for download in the Google Play Store


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