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Antivirus Pro for Mac wins AV Comparatives’ Approved Security Product award

Antivirus Pro for Mac wins AV Comparatives’ Approved Security Product award

Antivirus Pro for Mac has been recognized by AV Comparatives for its malware-stopping ability together with its simple and straightforward operation. We won the Approved Security Product award as part of AV Comparatives’ annual Mac Security and Review. This independent test measures how AV software is able to detect and stop a selection of malware for both the Mac and Windows operating systems. By testing malware detections for both operating systems, AV Comparatives has ensured that a protected Mac will be able to stop the major malware types and not simply pass it on to an unprotected Window device. Antivirus Pro for Mac stopped 99.1% of the malware samples related to MacOS platform and 100% of the current sample-set for the Windows platform.

Detection and simplicity get recognized

Antivirus Pro comes with all the necessary detection abilities. The AV Comparative reviewers described it as a “simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use antivirus.” Their favorite Avira component was the help feature that explained the interface controls with an overlay.

Simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use – #Avira #Antivirus Pro


Ready for Fruitflies and more

Mac’s reputation as a highly secure platform has taken a dint this year with the uncovering of the Fruitfly malware. Fruitfly variants are capable of stealing screenshots and keylogging user activities. The malware is reported to have operated for several years, although at a limited level.

It’s a question of threats and detection. The past months have demonstrated that Macs are indeed vulnerable to focused malware attacks. And the latest test results show that Avira Antivirus Pro for Mac is fully prepared for detecting any malware that comes down the pipeline. — Alexander Vukcevic, Head of Avira Virus Labs

The 2017 recognition reconfirms Avira long-time reliability after AV-Comparative 2016 annual review was granting the Antivirus Pro for Mac the same award.

Avira, a company with over 100 million customers and more than 500 employees, is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is a pioneer in its field.