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Amazon tech error leaks customers’ email addresses

Black Friday is almost upon us and basically everyone is just waiting to spend some money. One of the big winners will definitely be Amazon and similar online shops. But it won’t only be a busy time for businesses – cybercriminals are also seeing the biggest shopping day of the year as an opportunity.

As you might or might not know, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to stay secure. Things get a bit harder though, if big companies start to leak your information, which is exactly what happened with Amazon today.

Email addresses leaked, no comment

If you are an Amazon customer you might have gotten a mail today, detailing that the e-commerce giant exposed some of their customers email addresses. The mail blames it on an internal technical error, without giving out any further detail. According to Amazon the issue is fixed already. That’s it.

Apparently everyone affected has been contacted and there is no need to change your password.  Due to the lack of further information some users are less than content though, which is completely understandable.

  • To whom were the email addresses exposed to?
  • For how long were they exposed?
  • Why were they exposed in the first place (other than that it was a“technical problem”)?

These are just a couple of questions that should get answered.

Beware of phishing mails

Technical issues that result in leaks like the one above are of course what Cybercriminals prey on. They have your email address, they know where you use it, and it’s almost Black Friday – it can barely get any easier for them.

The following steps can help to stay safe though, so be sure to follow them:

  • Be skeptical –  If an offer seems too good to be true – it probably is
  • Don’t open it – Files attached to suspect emails can contain anything from ransomware to the latest zero-day threats.
  • Cut it out — Make sure to block out dangerous web content that is categorized as phishing, malware, spam or fraud.
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