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Alton Towers theme park

Alton Towers Facebook Scam

Following an accident at Alton Towers – a theme and water park in the United Kingdom, a Facebook scam has emerged that purports to show video footage of the accident. Beware: this is a scam, which we shall now dissect for you.

Step 1: The hook

Alton Towers - step 1 the hook

This teaser Facebook post is supposedly taken from the accident (it is not). If you click on it with the (macabre) hope of seeing a video of the crash, you will be taken to a website that has been designed to look just like YouTube.

Step 2: The fake look-alike

Alton Towers fake youtube

Once on that page, you will be asked to post a link to the video on your Facebook timeline…

Step 3: The redirect

Once you accept to post the video to Facebook, you will be redirected to another website, where you will be told that to finally see that video, you need to download a video player update…

Alton Towers - step 3 the redirect

The downloaded file contains adware, that display advertisements and collects information about your browsing habits. The crooks almost certainly make money by getting a percentage of all sales on these third party ads you will be seeing in your browser.

If you see this Alton Towers scam on Facebook, avoid it. If you click on a post that tells you to download a plugin or update to watch the video, exit the page immediately. And for additional security, use Avira Free Antivirus, which blocks adware.

Leor is a copywriter and content marketer for Avira.