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AirSelfie: A drone for your selfies

Do you take a lot of selfies? And do you feel like really annoyed by your arm holding the phone or selfie stick looking awkward in most of those images? Well, AirSelfie is supposed to fix that.

If you’ve not been hiding under a rock in recent years, you might have noticed all the people gathering before landmarks, monuments, and well – everywhere. With outstretched arms in which the hold their smartphones they’ll try and pose for the best picture possible: Get everyone in the frame, make sure the landmark can be seen as well, etc. What sounds like a hassle is one, too – sometimes even if you use a selfie stick.

But things could get a lot easier in the near future: AirSelfie is a small drone that comes with a camera and should connect to your smartphone via an app (Android and iOS). The app will allow you to fly the drone, take the picture once you’re ready, and even post them directly to social media.

What can AirSelfie do

According to the Kickstarter page AirSelfie will be able to fly as high as 20 meters and take pictures with its 5 Megapixel HD video camera. It also comes with a built-in 4GB Micro SD card (that should be enough for quite a couple of images) and – depending on your pledge – a nifty Power Bank that will charge whenever you run out of power. Considering that the flight time from one charge is only three minutes you might really need it.

Where you can get it

Here’s the thing. Right now it’s only available on Kickstarter. For 179€ you’ll receive an AirSelfie and a phone cover, for 224€ an AirSelfie and a power bank.

The creators asked for 45,000€ – a goal that was reached in just over two days. Right now they already have 149,000€ which is more than three times the amount they were aiming for. This means that it’s very likely that people who participate in the Kickstarter will get the drone. Nonetheless: If you are careful and don’t want to invest in something that’s not out on the market yet, you’ll have to wait until sometime next year, for when the global launch is planned.

Is it worth it?

Hard to say. Drones are often quite hard to fly so one cannot say for sure if it will really be all that easy to take good pictures with it. If it works as promised though, it will definitely be an asset for everyone who loves their selfies: 😉

Take a look at the Kickstarter video below and at the two Instagram images by an Italian blogger who apparently got a device to test it.

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