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Sweeten your winter time - with our Advent calendar raffle! - Avira Advent calendar, Adventskalender

Sweeten your winter time – with our Advent calendar raffle!

With our Avira Advent calendar raffle, we sweeten your winter time. Take part in our daily raffles and win all the cool Avira stuff you ever wanted (or not – depending on your wishes. 😉 )!

How do the Advent calendar raffles work?

From December 1st until December 24th we will publish an Advent calendar post on our Facebook page daily. There you will be able to see our daily question which you will have to answer in order to participate.

What can you win?

We have cool stuff prepared for you! Among the prices are Avira license keys for Avira Antivirus Pro, Avira Phantom VPN Pro, Avira System Speedup Pro, and Avira Software Updater Pro – each valid for one year and one device. Additionally, we’ll raffle 1-year license keys (valid for 5 devices) for Avira Prime and merchandise packages including branded cups, mouse pads, umbrellas, and shirts!

How can you win?

Send us an email to in time, answer the daily question, and if required (just for the merchandise packages) don’t forget to add your postal address and your phone number. In case you’ve won this ensures that we are able to send you the prize(s). Why the phone number you might ask? Well, depending on the shipping company some of them require to have a phone number of the recipient and therefore we do need this information, too. Please note: Your data will just be used for shipping the prizes only and will be deleted after this event.

Where do you find the terms and conditions?

Any raffle needs to have rules to specify things and so does ours. Find all the terms and conditions in our separate blog article.

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The terms and conditions in short

You’re at least 18 years old, you sent your email in time, you answered the question, and if required you added your complete postal address and phone number. For all the other and way more specific rules you really need to read our terms and conditions.

How can you find out if you won?

The winners will be contacted after 14 days latest. They will also be added to this blog article by name, with their answer to our question, and the prize they won.


As you can see the pre-Christmas Advent season is a perfect time to stay cool – if it weren’t for the pre-Christmas stress! But we’re sure you know: Real pros purchase their gifts in the morning of December 24th – and this year it’s a Sunday! 😉

Have fun, good luck, and enjoy the raffle!


Daily questions of our Advent calendar

The questions will not be added to our blog immediately but rather a day later – so if you want to participate in our raffle check out our Facebook page.



Avira Advent calendar - Day 1Question Day 1
Have you already prepared all the Christmas presents?
If yes, which one?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 2Question Day 2
Are you going to travel during the holiday season?
If yes, what’s your destination?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 3No question today – but Rudolph needs your help!
Christmas is in jeopardy! Well, the presents are.
Rudolph, Santa’s trusted helper, uses a digital wish
list (he’s a lit reindeer), but the list urgently
needs to be updated. Can you help? Find out more here.
Avira Advent calendar - Day 4Question Day 4
If you could be any animal –
which one would you choose?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 5Question Day 5
When was the last time you cuddled a teddy bear?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 6Question Day 6
Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?
Do you have any tradition which you
repeat every year?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 7Question Day 7
iPhone or Android? Mac or PC?
What smartphones, tablets, or
PCs do you use at home?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 8Question Day 8
Do you use a streaming provider
like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime
to watch you TV shows?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 9Question Day 9
Do you live in a city or
in the countryside?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 10No question today – but Rudolph needs your help!
Our big Avira Christmas Challenge
continues – and just everyone can win!
Rudolph is in trouble again. He can’t
keep up with the gift wrapping. Luckily,
there’s a solution, which can improve
his performance and efficiency. Help
Rudolph now!
Avira Advent calendar - Day 11Question Day 11
Do you already use a tool to keep your
software updated? If yes, which one?
(Just for the unimaginable case that
you’re using a product from our competitors:
No worries, we won’t whistle-blow you. 😛 )
Avira Advent calendar - Day 12Question Day 12
This is something you should give some
thoughts: Which word/phrase that is being
used in IT security would you like to see
in our Avira Security Wordbook? Do you
already know what it means? Then what be
your explanation? The word/phrase should
not be included to the wordbook already
of course.
Avira Advent calendar - Day 13Question Day 13
In this cold season of the year:
What would be the destination of
your dreams?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 14Question Day 14
Which movie is this quote from?
If the picture doesn’t help: In the US
the movie will start tomorrow. As soon as
you know the name of the movie: What’s the
name of the small creature in the picture?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 15Question Day 15
How do you keep up with current
events (if at all)? What media
do you use?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 16Question Day 16
Do you have any TV shows/movies/series
you’re watching every Christmas?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 17No question today – but Santa needs your help!
Final burst for our big Avira Christmas
Challenge. Help Santa by solving this task —
and get a great gift in return.
Rudolph has had enough … of the icy north pole,
of the stress that comes with wrapping up all
the gifts … So, he’s taking a break all the while
sipping some cocktails on a beach in California.
Good for him, bad for Santa — because now he has
a real problem. Help Santa to virtually connect to
California so he can ask Rudolph for his help on
Christmas Eve.
Avira Advent calendar - Day 18Question Day 18
Today we’re going with a factual question:
Name three species which hibernate/den.
Avira Advent calendar - Day 19Question Day 19
What kind of traveling do you prefer? Are
you more an all-inclusive traveler or do you
like it more individual, e.g. by backpacking?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 20Question Day 20
What traditions do you cultivate in the Pre-Christmas
time and at Christmas Eve? Are there traditions you’ve
broken with? If yes, which ones?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 21Question Day 21
If you could choose, which means of transportation
(e.g. trains, airplanes, cars, or something similar)
would you use to get to your destination for the holidays?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 22Question Day 22
How much do you plan on spending this year for your
Christmas presents? No worries, we don’t want to see
your receipts, just an estimated number. ?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 23Question Day 23
What blog article did you find interesting?
Send us the link to this blog article.
(Just for the unimaginable case that you don’t
like any of our blog articles: What would you
love to read about on our blog?)
Avira Advent calendar - Day 24Question Day 24
What gifts will you present
to your loved ones?

Winners of our Advent calendar

Here you can find all the winners. As soon as they’ve been contacted they will be added to the table below.

DayNameAnswer to our
daily question
1Zeljko R.No, as I always do I wait for the last moment to
surprise everyone and myself. S u r p r i s e !!! 😀
Avira Antivirus Pro license
1Robert K.Not yet, but I gave my 2 sons both a Lego advent
calender, which they find very exciting. 🙂
Avira Antivirus Pro license
2How S.This holiday season I’ll hopefully be traveling to
Christmas Island. Warm and beautiful, this island offers
rainforest hikes to wetlands and waterfalls like Hugh’s Dale.
I’m a nature lover and to be able to catch a glimpse of the native
wildlife here like the nesting seabirds and the red crab would be
a dream come true. I could snorkel and see the underwater reefs
for myself, making this a Christmas filled with wonder.
Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
2Bancila S.I am going to travel to Milan during the holidays.Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
4Mohd S. A. R.A cheetah.Avira System SpeedUp Pro license
4Pam F.If I could be any animal I would be a Cardinal Bird.Avira System SpeedUp Pro license
5James P.I bought a teddy bear for a friends daughter birthday
last week. That’s when I did a test cuddle. 🙂
Avira Software Updater Pro license
5Mohammad A. K.39 years back.Avira Software Updater Pro license
6Martin P.In my country (Bulgaria) we do celebrate St. Nicholas Day
as a name day for people called Nikolay or similar.
Our tradition is to eat fish on that day every year.
Merchandise package
6Sarah C.Yes we do celebrate! One of my favorite traditions is to
go drive around in our pjs and find the coolest
Christmas lights around 🙂
Merchandise package
7Wanda P.I use a Windows HP PC, Samsung Galaxy Android
and a Kindle Fire tablet.
Avira Prime license
7Jessica S.We are a Windows family, we use Android phones and tablets.Avira Prime license
8Lubomir T.I dont use any streaming provider.Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
8Richard M.I do watch TV shows through streaming especially through Netflix.Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
9Véronique v. C.I live in a city: Brussels! 🙂Avira System SpeedUp Pro license
9Юрий К.I live in a city where the population is about 600 000 inhabitants.Avira System SpeedUp Pro license
11Stratis G.As promised we don’t reveal the answers. 🙂Avira Software Updater Pro license
11Виталий Е.As promised we don’t reveal the answers. 🙂Avira Software Updater Pro license
12Nestor S.Multi-factor authentication
The use of two or more devices to authenticate a person onto a website/application.
Avira Antivirus Pro license
12Mohammed A.Waterhole Attack
Targeting a group of end users that have been known to visit a certain website.
Avira Antivirus Pro license
13Kadri M.Caribbean Sea!Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
13Bernadeth T.Hokkaido, Japan!Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
14Emman A.Star Wars: The Last Jedi, PorgAvira System Speedup Pro license
14Zeljko R.Star Wars: The Last Jedi, PorgAvira System Speedup Pro license
15Nickie B.I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online articles,
friends and family to stay current.
Avira Software Updater Pro license
15Jessica P.I look at the evening news everyday and read the
newspaper once a week. I also check news articles on my
cell pone and on my laptop on a daily basis.
Avira Software Updater Pro license
16Debangshu R.Our favorite movie to watch during the holidays is
an old Hollywood classic “Its A Wonderful Life”.
What a lovely movie it still is for watching specially
during Christmas weeks. Every time we have watched it
together it left a heart warming effect on us.
Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
16Fiona A.We are planning to watch A Christmas Prince on Netflix
this year. I also found good rating of Hallmark
Christmas view charts so that is on the list too.
Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
18James P.Bats, Bears, HedgehogAvira System Speedup Pro license
18Kumar K.Three species are ground squirrels, rodents, mouse lemurs.Avira System Speedup Pro license
19Andrea A.I used to love traveling by visiting friends all over the
world. While I got to spend quality time with them, I also
was able to explore new countries and cultures like India.
Nowadays I am a mom of 2 and plan to do more traveling once
the kids are bigger. Combo of hotel and backpacking. We’ll see.
Avira Prime license
19Kevin M.I am an all inclusive traveller.Avira Prime license
20Lubomir T.We have slavic custom in Slovakia.Avira Software Updater Pro license
20Kumar K.At Christmas time make Christmas cookies put up the Christmas
tree and kids clean their shoes and we put fruit and candy in them.
Avira Software Updater Pro license
21Darren L.Well its simple. We travel by plane when its a forign trip.
For closer somewhere we’d probably take the motorway.
Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
21Jat t. D.I like to travel in train or car. I am fearful of heights
so if I ever travel in plane I try not to sit by window
and I try to sleep during the journey. Travelling in ground
in train is my favorite. Its so good, you can watch
everything going behind & so on. So I would always choose
to travel in train or car.
Avira Phantom VPN Pro license
22Nitinn S.~ 260€ / ~ $310Avira System Speedup Pro license
22Mohammed R.~ 220€ / ~ $260Avira System Speedup Pro license
23Hakah W.Sweeten your winter time – with our Advent calendar raffle!Avira Antivirus Pro license
23Raymond C.Fast developing uses for Artificial Intelligence
you might not have thought of
Avira Antivirus Pro license
24Lisa M.Clothes for most everyone –
a grill for my daughter and son in law.
Merchandise package
24Dr. Md. Golam R.Presenting to loved ones is always special to me.
My special one is my wife.
I always present to my loved one during
different occasions/anniversary. For example,
during her birthday I usually
present her Red-Roses (number of
roses equivalent to her age during that
birthday), and Birthday Card.
During new year, I usually present her
a New Year Card. But, during Christmas,
I especially present her Black and
White Chocolate. She loves it too much.
This year I already collected
that chocolate as a Christmas gift.
Merchandise package

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