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Avira Advent calendar, Adventskalender

Sweeten your winter time – with our Advent calendar raffle!

With our Avira Advent calendar raffle we sweeten your winter time. Take part in our daily raffles and win all the cool Avira stuff you ever wanted (or not – depending on your wishes. 😉 )!

How do the Advent calendar raffles work?

From December 1st until December 24th we will publish an Advent calendar post on our Facebook page every day. There you will be able to see the daily question which you will have to answer in order to participate.

What can I win?

We have cool stuff prepared for you! Among the prices are Avira branded cups, mouse pads, umbrellas, and T-shirts. Furthermore, you can win license keys for Avira Antivirus Pro, Avira Phantom VPN Pro, Avira System Speedup Pro, and Avira Android Optimizer – each valid for one year and for one device. We will even be giving out merchandise packages containing an Avira wall calendar, a mouse pad, an umbrella, a cup, and an Avira Antivirus Pro license, valid for 1 year, too.

How can I win?

Send us an email to in time, answer the daily question, and if required don’t forget to add your postal address and your phone number. In case you’ve won this ensures that we are able to send you the prize(s). Why the phone number you might ask? Well, depending on the shipping company some of them require to have a phone number of the recipient and therefore we do need this information, too. Please note: Your data will just be used for shipping the prizes and will be deleted after this event.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Any raffle needs to have rules to specify things and so does ours. Find all the terms and conditions in our separate blog article.

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The terms and conditions in short

You’re at least 18 years old, you sent your email in time, you answered the question, and if required you added your complete postal address and phone number. For all the other and way more specific rules you really need to read our terms and conditions.

Where can I find out if I won?

The winners will be contacted after 14 days latest. They will also be added to this blog article by name, with their answer to our question, and the prize they won.


As you can see the pre-Christmas advent season is a perfect time to stay cool – if it weren’t for the pre-Christmas stress! But we’re sure you know: Real pros purchase their presents in the morning of December 24th. 😉

Have fun, good luck, and enjoy the raffle!


Daily questions of our Advent calendar

The questions will not be added to our blog immediately but rather a day later – so if you want to participate in our raffle check out our Facebook page.

Avira Advent calendar - Day 1Question Day 1
Have you already prepared all the Christmas presents?
If yes, which one?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 2Question Day 2
Snow, rain, or sunshine?
What’s your favorite time of the year?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 3Question Day 3
When was the last time you kuddled a teddy bear?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 4Question Day 4
What is your t-shirt size?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 5Question Day 5
Are you using a classical piggy bank?
If yes, when have you broken into it the last time?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 6Question Day 6
Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day?
Do you have any tradition which you repeat every year?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 7Question Day 7
If you’d be an animal – which one would you like to be?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 8Question Day 8
What is your t-shirt size?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 9Question Day 9
Do you trink your coffee with or without milk?
Or don’t you trink coffee at all – and how do you survive that?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 10Question Day 10
Are you going to travel during the holiday season?
If yes, where to?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 11Question Day 11
This is something you should give some though:
Which word/phrase that is being used in IT security would you like to see in our Avira Security Wordbook?
The word/phrase should not be included to the wordbook already of course.
Avira Advent calendar - Day 12Question Day 12
Do you have troubles to start in the Monday?
How do you help yourself?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 13Question Day 13
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 14Question Day 14
To watch your TV shows do you use a provider
such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 15Question Day 15
Today you’ve to complete a task AND answer a question: Watch this video.
It talks about “What’s ransomware” and “How do you secure yourself with some basic actions”.
How many tips ensure your safety do we give you in it?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 16Question Day 16
What’s the last movie that made you cry?
Or laugh aloud?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 17Question Day 17
What is your t-shirt size?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 18Question Day 18
What’s the travel destination where
you always wanted to travel to?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 19Question Day 19
Are you reading any books right now?
If yes, what’s the title/author?
Do you read “physical” books or do you
prefer an e-book-reader such as a Kindle?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 20Question Day 20
Is there an app on your smartphone
that you can’t live without anymore?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 21Question Day 21
If you could have any type of animal
for a pet, what would it be?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 22Question Day 22
What do you wish you had placed
in a time capsule 15 years ago?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 23Question Day 23
What are your most favorite Christmas sweets?
Avira Advent calendar - Day 24Question Day 24
What gifts will you present to your beloved
ones among the Christmas tree tonight?

Winners of our Advent calendar

Here you can find all the winners. As soon as they’ve been contacted they will be added to the table below.

DayNameAnswer to our
daily question
1Appalla M.I have prepared Christmas presents to my family members. This gift is the best gift I could give to my hubby and my in-laws. Yes, I am going to make my hubby a proud father and promoting him to a responsible post. And of course my in-laws and parents are also becoming grand parents. What else do they require more than that.Mouse pad
2Dorothy D.DecemberUmbrella
3Robert K.Too long ago…. But I have my children and wife to kuddle .Cup
4Robert G.[Insert random t-shirt size]T-shirt
5P. JamesI broke into it last year when I needed some changeMouse pad
6Dr. M. Golam R.No, I never celebrate St. Nicholas day! I am from Bangladesh. We have our many unique tradition which we repeat every year. 1 New Year Celebration( Bangla new year, 14 April). 2. International Mother Language day ( 21 February) , this day is based on the people who pay their life for their mother language during 21 february 1954, in dhaka , Bangladesh.Merchandise package
6Ilija D.Yes, but as Orthodox Christian (Serbs) we celebrate in at 19 December and in somewhat different way. Its the most widely celebrated family patron saint, celebrated as the feast day.Merchandise package
7Ong Kok M.If I’d be an animal, I would like to be a Jaguar – sleek, fast, nimble and very mysterious.System Speedup
7Zuniad M.If there is a possibility to be a animal then I wish to be a “Tiger”System Speedup
8Sakir H.[Insert random t-shirt size]T-shirt
9Željko R.Pure coffee, or clean waterCup
10Jarno R.No travelling for me.Phantom VPN Pro
10Md Zul P.Yes, to Malaysia.Phantom VPN Pro
11John E. H.“Security certificate” and “https”Antivirus Pro
11P James“Password protection” and “Data security”Antivirus Pro
12Amr B.No I have no trouble to start and I do my best to help my self.Umbrella
13Harvey F.The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is from my boss at my first job in I.T. (many years ago): “Always have a fallback plan”.Cup
14Željko R.Local provider (not Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime)Phantom VPN
14Sakir H.NoPhantom VPN
15Jarno R.4 tips, home, updates, backups and proper softwareAntivirus Pro
16Wadah R.The DopeUmbrella
17Yayasan P. M.[Insert random t-shirt size]T-shirt
18Lisa M.I would love to travel to Hawaii!Phantom VPN
19Marty W.“You are a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” from Jen Sincero. (…) For casual books like above an e-book is great so I can read at the gym. Now a book to learn a new job skill a physical book for diagrams is better to me. I’m in the IT profession so certifications books I feel are still better physical.Cup
20Lubomir T.I use every day Inbox from google for gmail.Android Optimizer
20David F.FacebookAndroid Optimizer
21Antti N.A dog.Mouse Pad
22Lisa M.A tape recording of my daughter’s conversations in the car with their friends.System Speedup
23Attila L.My favorite Christmas sweets are the poppy seed roll, the walnut beigli, the fondant, the Gerbeaud, the gingerbread.Antivirus Pro
23Pencil L.I like Christmas cakes.Antivirus Pro
24Lisa M.New clothes.Merchandise package
24Abdelkader C.I offer my familly a big dinner full of tenderness and joy, and we’re speaking and joking all the night, and in this moment we feel the beauty of life.Merchandise package

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