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Adblocker - a new Avira Scout feature is ready for beta test

Adblocker – a new Avira Browser Safety feature is ready for beta test

A new beta test is starting soon and just waiting for your application! The Avira Browser Safety is getting a new feature – an ad blocker. The Adblocker will be integrated into our Avira Browser Safety and its usage is very straightforward. For now, the test will run on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome only.

New beta test: Avira Scout Adblocker - in-post

In the main window, you can see how many ads are blocked on the current website. The display is situated right next to the blocked trackers. If you want to you can activate and disable the ad blocker for the current website. In the config menu, you have several options to customize it even further.

New beta test: Avira Scout Adblocker - in-post

You can, for example, block the social media buttons and tracking on websites with the option block social media tracking. Show useful ads will by default allow all search engines to show you useful ads – but of course, you have the choice to block these as well. Those “useful ads” are generated by your last searches via search engine and may help you find what you are looking for. The ad blocker offers many more features for you to explore!

By joining the beta test you get the opportunity to access the Avira ad block feature before its release to the market. Thus, you can directly influence its development and share your feedback and thoughts on the product with our beta team and developers. Additionally, you can be a part of the Beta Community and get in touch with other beta testers, exchanging thoughts, experiences, and feedback about our beta projects and products.

The test is starting next week (CW21) and if you are interested, you can apply to the project here. We will review your application and if you fit our testing profile your application will be approved. We then will send you an email with further instructions.

Happy testing!

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