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Accelerate your computer with Avira System Speedup 2.0

Life is going by ever faster, with over 3 million searches and 1.8 million gigabytes of traffic travelling on the Internet every minute.

But your PC is not. It’s getting more slow over time as bits of files and apps accumulate.  It takes longer to start up in the morning, there are big pauses when switching between apps, and files and private data are everywhere on your computer. In fact, some of this information shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Delays and disorder take their toll. Just five wasted minutes a day add up to 30 hours over a year –time that you would like to use for a more productive, or at least enjoyable, purpose.  Add in the ambiguity: It’s just not clear exactly why your computer is slow and what should be done to keep it squeaky clean and speedy.

That’s why we’ve launched System Speedup 2.0: the simple way to make your computer clean, fast– and keep it that way.

Scan it

One click is all it takes to get started with Speedup 2.0. During the introductory scan, Speedup runs your computer through a series of algorithms and scores it in three areas: hard disk, performance, and privacy. With these scores displayed on the new dashboard, you can gauge your computer’s current status – and where it could be.

Clean it

Cleanup is just a moment away as Speedup suggests what should be cleaned and gives you a clear view of the options. The cleaning work gets results in three critical areas:

  • Hard disk: gets more free space by cleaning out your junk files.
  • Performance: resolves registry and disk sector utilization issues.
  • Privacy: cleans out accumulated cookies, caches, add-ons, and surfing history.

Optimize it

It’s time to have Speedup optimize your computer for everyday use and operation – starting from the moment you touch the “on” button.

Here are three of the most popular optimizer tools in Speedup:

  • Boot Optimizer helps you reduce the total startup time by analyzing applications used during startup and sorting out the essential ones.
  • Defragmentation helps reorganize the files on your hard disk, reducing the time needed for your computer to put the pieces together again.
  • Power modes enable you to save energy – or boost performance – according to your needs.

And there is more. System Speedup comes with a complete toolkit including tools to copy and shred files, read and copy data from damaged disk areas, help with backup and recovery, and system restore.

System Speedup can be downloaded for free at the Avira website or other download sites with full features available for premium users.

Put the sparkle back in your computer. And some free time back in your life.

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