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Party like a star: the three golden rules of privacy - Privatsphäre

‘Party’ like a star: the three golden rules of privacy

The digital world is constantly shaping our choices, our decisions, our relationships and eventually, our inner selves. We’re addicted to this wonderful and fast-changing world so we spend most of our time there – listening, learning, sharing, entertaining ourselves. According to a Statista Study, the number of internet users worldwide reached 3.58 billion in 2017, up from 3.39 billion in the previous year.

Since we’re connected most of the time, we need to know what our online rights are and what we can do against their violation. Online privacy is one of the most important and debated rights – it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business what you do while surfing the web – although, there will always be third parties that would want to get something from your online activity or restrict it. To have a ‘private’ and flawless online experience, you should treat yourself like a ‘star’ and start using a Virtual Private Network. What are the benefits? By using a VPN, one can become an online phantom – unhackable, untraceable and uncensored.

But sometimes, even stars are caught on the wrong foot for not having secured their devices properly. Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, or Kristen Stewart are only a few of the celebrities that had their private photos and files exposed to the world because of a phishing attack.

Since VPN is one of the best solutions to protect your online privacy, it keeps you away from similar bad experiences.

The Academy Awards is a hot topic now and no matter if you’re a nominee or you just love movies and are throwing a party at home, you should be prepared to avoid embarrassing moments and follow these three golden rules:

  1. Watch as many nominated movies as you can even if you’re on the road
    Celebrity: Get to know who you are competing against and see the movies where other nominees played even if you are at a movie premiere abroad.
    Movie enthusiast: Imagine if all your friends suddenly start talking about the big win of the night and you have no idea what to say because you were traveling lately and missed the movie – this would ruin your night, right?
  2. Turn on the party mood
    Celebrity: No matter which country you’re having dinner in now, practice your best dance moves for the Academy awards afterparty while listening to your favorite songs.
    Movie enthusiast: Make sure you and your friends can listen to that cool YouTube playlist you prepared last week while you were away.
  3. Share your afterparty photos& stories
    Celebrity: Thank your fans for supporting you and helping you win the big prize by sharing the best moments of the night on your Instagram account.
    Movie enthusiast: Make your friends that couldn’t make it to your party jealous by posting some awesome stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

That being said, nothing should stop you from having the time of your life. Install a VPN and you’ll be able to:

  • Watch your favorite movies and listen to music without restrictions.
  • Safely connect to public Wi-Fi anywhere.
  • Keep your private communications safe from eavesdroppers and advertisers.

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