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7 years of World Password Day: Using Avira Password Manager to learn a lesson from others’ mistakes

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp. In 2016 his Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts were hacked. Turns out that Mark Zuckerberg was using the same password “dadada” across all three of his social media accounts. Don’t be like Mark. Poor passwords are the reason for 80% of breaches, resulting in stolen data, identity fraud, compromised bank accounts, and a whole lot more bad stuff.

This year marks the 7th annual celebration of World Password Day. Established to promote better password hygiene, its adoption remains a serious concern. Take this World Password Day to change all your weak, reused passwords into new, stronger ones.

Maybe the journeys of how two people changed their minds (and their passwords) will persuade you.


“Do I need a password manager?” “Can I trust it with my data?”

Such questions were swirling through the minds of Tim and Sung-Hi, two users with distinct approaches to managing their passwords. But here is what happened after they gave Avira Password Manager a chance with a 4-week trial.


The case of Tim – or how to use a password manager instead of a bunch of similar passwords


Let’s start with 23-year-old Tim, a sales employee, who’d never heard of a password manager. He had around 35 accounts for things like social media, shopping, and emails — but only 3 different passwords. The 5-6 password resets every month were a drag, but what else could he do? His secret was to add an extra number or letter to a password that made it “strong”. Being hacked was out of the question. Or so he thought.

As he started using Avira Password Manager, each week gradually gave him more reasons as to why he needed a password manager for all his online accounts. The security status feature showed him how vulnerable his digital life was with weak, reused passwords and how easily he could get hacked. He quickly substituted them for strong, unique passwords using the password generator.

The convenience of the autofill feature made his life much easier. And though Tim had to go through the initial process of adding all his existing passwords to the password manager, he realized he only had to do it once.

After 3 weeks, “Super easy” were the words that Tim used most: Super easy to use, and super easy to save passwords. No more password resets, as the password generator creates and saves strong passwords.

After 4 weeks of continuing to use the password manager in his daily life, Tim’s aha moment came when he discovered the browser extension. He activated the browser extension on all three of his PCs, and in doing so incorporated secure password management into his digital life. He was now using Avira Password Manager across all his devices where his passwords were synced and safe. “I really love it”. Tim was especially happy about the fact that logins were automatic and new credentials were saved instantly.

From never having heard of a password manager, Avira Password Manager was now part of Tim’s daily life.


The case of Sung-Hi – or how to pick the right Security Provider for you


On the other hand, we have Sung-Hi, whose experience was different. Unlike Tim, he had heard of a password manager and was even using one from the competition for the past 3 years. However, Sung-Hi was unhappy with the price hikes that didn’t result in any new features being added. And now with over 250 accounts, Sung-Hi was worried about the privacy of his data.

He wanted to shift from a company whose sole focus was on developing a password manager to a company with overarching security expertise.

Sung-Hi liked how everything in Avira Password Manager was self-explanatory. Scrolling, password generation, and navigation were all a breeze.

After 3 weeks, Sung-Hi was delighted and felt reassured that he had access to highly responsive customer service whenever he needed assistance. For him, the free version of the solution already had all the features he needed, but the pro version provided him with “value-for-money” with its extended feature set.

Sung-Hi’s aha moment came when he discovered he had access to two-factor authenticator codes within the app itself. Double security! He was quick to rate Avira Password Manager 9.5/10.

After four weeks of trying out the solution, Sung-Hi switched from his previous password manager to Avira Password Manager. To him, it was more than a product. It was peace of mind.

Want to learn more from Sung-Hi? Watch this video.

Regardless of how you’ve been managing your passwords — whether dipping your toes into the pool of password security or switching from a previous password manager — four weeks later you’ll be diving in with trust built by Avira Password Manager.

Therefore, don’t be like Mark. Be like Tim and Sung-Hi, and start using a (better) password manager to safeguard your data.


Need more info on how a password manager works? Watch this fun, two-minute video.

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