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6 Teenagers Arrested For Using Lizard Stresser

You guys do remember the Lizard Squad, right? If not let me jog your memory:  The Lizard Squad is a group of hackers who – last year during Christmas – attacked and took down the Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation networks.  As if that was not enough they also released a service called Lizard Stresser. The service allows customers to launch DDoS attacks against … well … whomever.  The drawback:  An internal Lizard Stresser database was leaked and with it unencrypted usernames and passwords.

So, what about it? Well, apparently the National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested six users of said tool who apparently used  the service to target a “a leading national newspaper, a school, gaming companies and a number of online retailers.”

According to the NCA page detailing the operation, the warrants which were executed this week included:

  • “A 17 year-old male from Manchester had computer equipment seized and was interviewed under caution by the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) on 27 August.
  • A 18 year-old-male from Huddersfield arrested and bailed on 27 August by Yorkshire and Humberside police.
  • A 18 year-old-male from Milton Keynes interviewed under caution by the South East ROCU on 26 August.
  • A 18 year-old male from Manchester arrested and bailed by North West ROCU and Greater Manchester Police on 26 August.
  • A 16 year-old male from Northampton arrested and bailed by East Midlands ROCU on 26 August.
  • A 15 year-old male from Stockport arrested by the North West ROCU and Greater Manchester Police on 24 August.”

In addition to that 50 more addresses which have been linked to the tool (thanks to the leaked database) will be visited by officers to tell talk about the dangers of cybercrime.

Let’s hope it helps!

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