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How to turn any room into a 3D printer, 3D-Drucker, imprimante 3d, stampante 3d

How to turn any room into a 3D printer

Do you have a spare room that you don’t need right now? Why not transform this room in a huge 3D printer by using the “Hangprinter”? Thanks to the Swede Torbjørn Ludvigsen, this might become possible very soon.

What’s a Hangprinter?

A Hangprinter is a 3D printer which can create furniture-sized objects in any room – and it’s surprisingly easy and convenient.
The invention uses a system of wires and computer-controlled pulleys which are mounted to the wall, the floor, and the ceiling. As soon as you’ve mounted the Hangprinter, it will use the complete room as a casing and will produce the objects within this open space. Ludvigsen spent about 400 working hours to create this prototype.

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The Hangprinter isn’t the first large-sized 3D printer – but it’s unique

There are several different reasons why the Hangprinter is so unique:

  1. It’s quite cheap. If you buy all the hardware and components, you will just have to spend about $250.
  2. The 3D printer is open source. This means everyone is able to print out the manual and can enhance the printer either by themselves or they can add enhancements/upgrades from others.
  3. A Hangprinter is able to print its own components – and therefore is able to replicate itself. Most of the required components you can print out yourself.
  4. There is just one movable element. Except for the power supply, it is surprisingly independent.

With this system, Ludvigsen hopes to introduce his printer to the broader masses. Furthermore, he hopes that large-sized 3D printers will no longer be the exclusive reserve of large corporations with deep pockets.

Where to find more information about the Hangprinter?

Where can the source code be found? What materials are needed? How to build the Hangprinter?

The source code for the Hangprinter is available on Github. You can find all materials required in a list including the costs Ludvigsen spent on materials and parts. Find the manual to build up the 3D printer here.


Torbjørn Ludvigsen will be happy for any support. His project is available on and it’s possible to support him there similar to Kickstarter.

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