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2015 Resolutions: The Nerd’s List

We like nerds. We love nerds. We are nerds. And, as any respectable nerd would do, we have already thought about our 2015 resolutions. Check out what some of the coolest Avira nerds have planned for next year. It will give you a good hint of our guilty little pleasures.

Our gamers, in particular, have big plans…

  1. Avoiding Steam sales: No Steam,you won’t get my money this year!
  2. Play more indie games.
  3. Don’t flame and troll. Ok ok. Flame and troll less. At least a bit.
  4. Don’t buy games immediately after they are released, especially if you already know in advance that it will just be a paid beta test.
  5. Buy an Oculus Rift. Come on, I know you want it too.

...what about their other passions?

  1. Get Android Auto as soon as it’s launched: steering wheel controls and smartphone connected to access music, contacts, and messages while you keep your eyes on the road? Can’t wait to be driven by Android!
  2. Operate Full Home automation with Raspberry Pi: wireless sensors, OCR, connect front door camera to smartphone… it already feels like home.
  3. Convince my friends that the perfect birthday gift would be a mini tablet with retina display for kick-ass resolution
  4. Get into machine learning and data mining (who owns big data is ready to rule the world – to be followed by an evil laughter when read aloud)
  5. Get back into manga drawing and super edit my makeup photos with the help of this beauty (you didn’t see this one coming, did you?)

Special thanks to my colleagues who accepted the challenge of going public with their nerdiest 2015 resolutions: Nicole, Daniela, Cornel, Eliza, Ovidiu, Calin, Bogdan… you just made it to the Nerd Hall of Fame!

If you also have “nerdy” wishes on your Resolutions list, please share them with us in the comments section below.

Happy New Year from the whole Avira team!

PR & Social Media Manager @Avira.