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100 days in Marketing at Avira

My first 100 days in Marketing at Avira

Hi, I am Florian and I started at Avira in September 2016. For a Marketing Manager as me it is quite common to draw some conclusions after 100 days and I’d like to share mine with you.

The start: recruiting process

Let’s move forward in chronological order: I already got the feeling that I was talking to real pros right at the beginning of the recruiting process. During the second interview I got to meet the Marketing team and therefore already knew with whom I’d have to work closely in the future – if I’d get the job. This combined with the well-known brand and the excellent technology of Avira, made it quite easy to accept the job offer once it came.

My first day in Marketing at Avira …

One says that you never get a second chance for a first impression. The same is true for the first day at a new job. Everything was prepared: my laptop including an external keyboard, a mouse, and two big monitors were ready to go and there was a checklist helping me with the first steps at Avira. This made the onboarding quite easy and a very positive experience for me. In retrospective the huge barista coffee really delighted me (as a coffee-addict) the most on that first day. Now I use the machine several times a day and my coffee brewing skills are getting better and better, nearing perfection. 😉

… and the 99 following days

The goal of the first weeks was to understand the internal processes and systems of the Marketing department and Avira as a whole. We’re developing new products/improve our products together with our users which is something I learned quite fast. I was really surprised about how many people are interested in antivirus tools and / or VPNs – and how many fascinating topics and ideas you can develop for the Marketing department based on that.

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Where do I stand now? My manager is quite happy with my work and the resulting achievements (same as I!). I’m also convinced that my English skills improved a lot which helps me to articulate my ideas and see my projects through with more ease than when I started here. Visiting the different Avira locations helped, too. At the beginning of November I visited our office in Bucharest for the first time and got to know the people and town. To make a long story short: It’s a great town with a lot of congenial people and excellent food. If you haven’t been there yet, go: It’s definitely worth visiting. The work climate at the other Avira locations is very positive, too, and sometimes the colleagues there finish a successful work day with an after-work drink or walk. That’s something I came to like a lot and which is part of why I am so happy to work at Avira.

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Florian, Senior CRM Manager at Avira