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10 years of Hashtags – and here are our 10 most favorite ones

10 years of hashtags – and here are our most favorite ones

On Twitter and ten years ago, the hashtag was born and is celebrating its tenth anniversary today. For this reason, we collected some of the most favorite hashtags of our Avira employees.

What’s that – this “hashtag”?

By writing something in the social network of your choice you want your content to be delivered to the right people. For this to be achieved you’re using keywords – hashtags. With a click on one of these tags you will see all the posts/tweets which correlate to the keyword.

How did it start?

It all started with this tweet by Chris Messina, a former engineer at Uber and Google. Initially, the proposal was not received well by the Twitter community. One of the reasons might have been the fact that he used the hashtag #barcamp in his tweet which is related to a networking conference dealing with subjects regarding technology and networks and people disregarded it as way too nerdy.

Meanwhile more than than 125m hastags are used on Twitter – daily. Originally known as the pound key the hashtag found its way into all social networks and shaped parts of our daily communication.

Our most favorite hashtags


Senior VP of Corporate Development at Avira
Jochen Gaßner – Senior VP of Corporate Development
Avira understood some years ago that literally everything that matters to us will become more and more influenced and changed by the digitalization: Our friendships, our financials, our reputation, our identity, our employment, our travel, our cars, our preferences, our hobbies, our homes … Avira has built up and will further extend a product portfolio that protects not just devices from being infected with malware – but that protects people throughout their digital life and whilst their online activities.


Jason Mashak - Business Development Manager at Avira Jason Mashak – Business Development Manager
Whenever I’m at Avira HQ, after work I like to have nice quiet dinners beside Bodensee, where I sometimes take photos of the lake and the Alps and connect them to Avira with the #LakeConstance hashtag set. To me, Bodensee epitomizes our old ‘live free’ slogan, and I can’t imagine a more fitting scene for representing Avira’s independent and unique role in the fight against cyber ‘bad guys’. I use these hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


#aviraduckside / #aviraducks

Translation Manager at the Avira Language & Technology Services team Kseniya Khmelyevska – Translation Manager at the Avira Language & Technology Services team
With our Instagram account @aviraduckside, we (the LTS – Language & Technology Services – team) post pictures with our little travel-ducks discovering the world. 🙂 For this, we use the hashtags #aviraduckside and #aviraducks. Follow us and have a good day! 😛


The #WeAvira hashtag actually is one of the most beloved ones here at Avira. We’ll share just a few of the voices:

Larisa Ioana - PR Specialist at Avira  Larisa Ioana – PR Specialist
I love to use this hashtag on Facebook because we have awesome colleagues and a super-cool work environment!

Daniel Chivescu - QA Lead for the ConnectWeb team at Avira  Daniel Chivescu – QA Lead for the ConnectWeb team
My main go-to hashtag, which I religiously use, is the #WeAvira one. For me it encompasses the values of the “The Power of Us” pillar, as well as the pride to work for Avira alongside such smart & talented people.

Victor Mihaiu – Product Manager for System SpeedUp and Android Optimizer at Avira Victor Mihaiu – Father of the #WeAvira hashtag and Product Manager for System SpeedUp and Android Optimizer
#WeAvira and #LiveFree are my favorite hashtags as both come with an emotional trip attached. This trip tells the story of the coffees, brainstorms and the passion of individuals building the future of Avira.

Robert Weissenbacher - Director Creative Services at Avira Robert Weissenbacher – Director Creative Services
Imho this hashtag is short, positive, and all about the “The Power of Us” at Avira.

Elena Nastasa - HR Manager at Avira
Elena Nastasa – HR Manager
I am totally in love with the hashtag #WeAvira. Absolutely! It is the one which makes me think of “The Power of Us” pillar. What I like most about it is that it appeared even before we came up with our Leitbild.


Nicole Lorenz - PR & Social Media Manager at Avira

Nicole Lorenz – PR & Social Media Manager
I know, it’s not really a Avira related hashtag. Not completely anyways. But I still have to chuckle when I think about the meaning we came up for it … the true meaning of #Covfefe – which then makes it a kind of Avira hashtag:


My most favorite hashtag? It’s quite simple: I love ’em all. They not only provide the possibility to see what’s trending right now, they also collect all the stuff I need to research a specific topic. Do you have hashtags you’re using on a regular basis or hold dear? Tell us in the comments!

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