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10 Made Up Words That Every Online User Should Know

As civilization progresses, and technological advances make their way into our everyday lives, certain character traits induced by the technology arise – unique, time-stamped peccadillos if you will, for which there are simply no adequate words – yet. We’ve selected 10 words that really ought to exit, and shared them with you. For the full list, see this website.

And as usual, if you read to the end of the post, there’s a little bonus: a sentence that uses all new words… Enjoy!


(n) When you experience password confusion, especially when you have many accounts


(n) An individual who continues talking on their phone so as to be rude or inconsiderate of other people.


(v) Loading so slowly that it puts you to sleep


(n) The coccoon of blankets and pillows you gather around yourself while spending long periods of time on the internet.


(n) The anticipation felt when waiting for a response to a text.


(adj) When you’re unable to type without repeatedly making mistakes.


(n) Filling a conversation with unnecessary detail about one’s passion to an otherwise uninitiated, uninterested layperson.


(n) Maintaining a constant online presence, in order to be able to instantly react to any new Internet developments, no matter how insignificant. Onlineness is a gateway to loneliness.


(adj) Sending messages through instant messaging in a rapid sequence.


(n) Person who spends an inordinate amount of time on their tablet


And as a reward for reading this far (and hopefully sharing), here is a sentence that includes all the new words:

While at home in his Internest, typerventilating away in his typical unkeyboardinated fashion while waiting for House of Cards to sload, Neal – the cellfish paddict, was careful to nerdjack the conversation away from babies, and steer it carefully towards his latest pet topic: the positive long terms of effects of brussel sprouts in combatting passfusion and onlineness.

Leor is a copywriter and content marketer for Avira.