New Avira Ultimate Protection Suite

Protect your PC while dramatically increasing
its speed and stability

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Experience our most comprehensive security
package on offer

Combines our award-winning antivirus software with nimble tools to accelerate your PC’s speed and keep all your drivers up-to-date.

The world’s most reliable Antivirus

This feature-rich antivirus combines the industry’s highest detection rate with the lightest resource footprint. It is an all-in-one security package that protects you against sophisticated online threats, including attacks against your identity, financial data and privacy.

Get protection 59,95 €
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Safe Shopping

Secure online transactions

Whenever you shop or bank online, you need to know that your payments are 100% secure. Avira Ultimate Protection Suite gives you that peace of mind: it neutralizes banking Trojans, blocks poisoned websites and prevents malware from capturing your passwords.

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Enhanced PC performance

Our nimble utility analyzes, cleans and optimizes your PC, boosts your speed, frees up disk space and shaves seconds off each time you open an application. Military-grade encryption, combined with a digital file shredder and disk wiper protect your sensitive files and keep your confidential data safe from prying eyes.

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System Speedup
SuperEasy Driver Updater

Smooth running hardware

As hardware manufacturers are constantly updating their equipment, it can be hard to keep track. Ultimate Protection Suite does it for you; by automatically keeping your drivers up-to-date, it delivers significant stability, security and performance improvements, ensuring your printer, hard disk drive and wireless connection run optimally.

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Superior gaming experience

Brace yourself for a smoother and faster gaming experience. Avira Ultimate Protection Suite combines a special game mode, which prevents pesky notifications from encroaching on your fun, a PC optimizer, which boosts your video speed and an automatic driver updater, which ensures your graphics card runs at peak performance.

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Superior gaming experience

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