Avira Software Updater Pro

Covers updates from over
150 software programs

Identifies and installs the
latest updates with 1 click

Automatically patches your
security holes

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1 Windows PC / Yearly Subscription

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Software Updater Pro

26 million exploits detected each month

Keeping your software up to date patches security vulnerabilities.
It’s not only critical – it’s now easy to do.

Individual 1-click updates

Silently download and install the latest version of a selected application.

Mass automatic updates

Select the apps that you want to be automatically updated for you

new! Keep all your drivers up to date

Enhance your protection

Drivers have privileged access to your entire system, which makes them malware targets – as was the case with keyloggers hiding within audio drivers on some HP laptops. Avira Software Updater Pro helps you patch these vulnerabilities as soon as updates become available.

Get new features

Microsoft only updates drivers when required, so you often miss out on new features available in later versions. This applies to graphics card updates that are frequently optimized for new video games, as well as mouse updates that can give you better motion control.

Audit your software without taxing your PC

Avira Software Updater Pro is light, fast, and will simplify your life

Software Updater Pro Simplicity

From one central control panel, you get to see immediately which programs are up to date, and which need updates.

Software Updater Pro Smart

Why monitor software vendor websites for the latest updates, when we can do it for you? Software Updater Pro’s control panel tells you as soon as a new version is available.

Software Updater Pro Convenient

The average PC has 75 applications on it, each with its own update mechanism. Our solution saves you time and spares your nerves by automatically and silently updating them for you, or by letting you update programs with one click.

Software Updater Pro Efficient

You don’t even need to open your application to keep your software up to date. Just select the apps that you want to be automatically updated.

Software Updater Pro Secure

Software vulnerabilities are open doors to your PC. Maintaining your software helps shut them down and keep exploits out.

Do away with update notifications

By keeping your software up to date, you avoid those persistent notification reminders for various programs like Java or Adobe.

Software Updater Pro Boxshot

System Requirements

Your system is compatible if you’re using Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and later.

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1 Windows PC / Yearly Subscription

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