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Effortless and on-demand: security, privacy, and storage
optimization for your Mac

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Block threats

Scan files, attachments, links, and websites for threats

Surf anonymously

Securely and privately connect to any network

Clean your Mac

Free up space on your hard disk

All the muscle.
None of the weight.

Designed to run only when you tell it to, Avira Security’s ultralight and doesn’t drain your battery nor slow you down. Yet it packs a punch—the power of an antivirus, the anonymity of a VPN, the performance of a tune-up utility—all wrapped into one.

It’s not your Mac we protect. It’s you.

Malware authors aren’t after your Mac. They’re after your wallet. Based on our award-winning security technology, Avira Security keeps you safe by protecting you from malware, phishing attacks, and malicious websites.

Threats blocked last month:
  • Mac malware: 244,960
  • Infected websites: 16,379,600
  • Phishing attacks: 2,475,900

Do you use public WiFi? Then you need this.

With one click, encrypt your connection and mask your IP address. With Avira Security, you can secure any network and surf the web anonymously without ISPs or advertisers tracking your every move.

Optimize your storage space. For free.

With one click, automatically delete old and unused cache files created by your apps. This improves your speed and frees up storage space.

All the features you need.
In one place.

On-demand scanner

Scan files and websites
for malware

Download protection

Start Avira Security to check any downloaded files for threats

Connection encryption

Encrypt your internet connection and mask your IP address

Storage optimization

Clear your cache files to free up space and increase your speed


  • What types of files can I scan for threats?

    You can drag files from Finder, email attachments or links from Mail, files or links you receive in Messages, search result links, the contents of the address bar or tab directly from Safari. Avira Security will instantly tell you if the file or website is safe to open or not.

  • Will Avira Security slow me down?

    No. Unlike other security apps that run in the background—checking every file you open and website you visit—Avira Security is on-demand. As a result, it’s far lighter than other security apps, but offers a wider range of protection services.

  • Are there ads?

    No. You will only know Avira Security is there when you open it. No ads, no pop-up messages, no unnecessary notifications.

  • Is it fully integrated with my macOS?

    Yes. Avira Security integrates seamlessly with your Mac and features the latest macOS technologies, like Notification Center and Touch Bar.

  • How does download protection work?

    When downloading files from websites or servers, start Avira Security. It will notify you if any of the downloaded files are malicious.

  • Why use Avira Security on public WiFi?

    Open networks like those at cafés, airports, or hotels are unsecure. Avira Security encrypts everything you send over the network, protecting your private information from prying eyes.

  • Are there data volume limitations?

    No. Avira Security will encrypt an unlimited amount of traffic.

  • Can I select the region I wish to connect from?

    No. Avira Security is not a full-fledged VPN. To ensure maximum internet speed, we tunnel your connection via the closest server to you, which is likely in the same country as you. You cannot use Avira Security to bypass geo-blocks.

  • Why drag and drop search results?

    When browsing with Safari, you may find an offer that’s too good to be true. Just to be safe, drag it directly from the search results page to Avira Security. If the website includes malware, phishing attempts, or spam, Avira Security will let you know.

  • Can Avira Security secure my email?

    Avira Security can scan links and email attachments. Drag any link or attachment from your inbox to Avira Security to check it for malicious content.

System requirements

Avira Security runs on macOS Sierra (version 10.12.2) and higher.

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